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Sep 21, 2012:

SyidahAinVeeJr.; 4:40 PM

Jul 15, 2012:Brick by boring brick.


Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *15o712*.

Jussive July. 
Hello to those who still drop by once in a while..
It's been a while since my last post huh..?

After that talk with Peihuan, I'm giving things another round of reflection.
I really did live my life in that Gsus4 chord ever since supernova happened a couple yrs back.
& since my best friend of 15 years have rendered me a lost memory..
I guess that's that for my past.

What I have now is family..
and the new. Although I don't really know what that means;
because it's inevitable to feel stuck in this alternate reality
& my distorted dreams have not helped my believing in my insanity.

Life goes on.. & I believe I'm fine.
God's there.. everywhere.
I haven't been doing anything worthy of him lately,
but He still stood by me in my soul.. my mind.. my conscience.

I haven't done anything irreversible I'm glad..
.. but I've been having lovely nights with Zana baby Jr. & our twilight escapades. =)
Yesterday we left her house some time before midnight. Got back a lil' past 3am.
Cycled through the familiar & the unfamiliar. My old house.. elder brother's old school..

Just like what "the people" (who are these people anyway?) say..
'things happen at night'.
saw the many odd jobs~ people walking on mrt tracks; passed the MRT parking zone;

Red cabs & midnight grocers; acrobatic window wipers; Mc stocks & a beautiful world of dew.

Guess I made some friends?
& a stranger came up to me & asked 'Hello miss, have you got a stick to spare?'
'Yeah sure.. help yourself,' I offered.
'Need a light?' 'Ah yes please!'

The night life.. oft. misunderstood.

Life goes on even when you're asleep.
Life goes on even if you will nevermore.. wake up.
Life goes on even if you don't remember.
Life goes on even if you do but you choose not to.

......at least- till it's time. Only in due time..

If you choose not to remember me,
in vain.. or in feign..
it is a decision you made lil' missy.

Because maybe you didn't trust me enough.. because maybe you just never did.

Who is I.. lest thou be mindful of? -popppycock

p.s. lately.. I've been talking to the moon. =)



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:57 PM

Jun 25, 2012:Take care

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *25o612*.

Jackanapes June. 
Lips dry.
No matter what you won't see me cry.

no such thing..


You're just
right out of
the blue.

searching for

have a clue.




SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:24 PM

Jun 16, 2012:Happy Burffvzsxdayyeeee~

Heyy sup 

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *15o612*.

Jackanapes June. 
Yeah I know.. it's been a while eyhh guys?
Celebrated Zana Baby Jr.'s birthday with Prometheus! xD 

Seriously itching to catch a flight to anywhere.
Although Singapore is pretty gorgeous; I just want to conquer ze vorld.
Such a vehement desire to fly away and all around.
Gonna get my license this year or the next.

Wanna go somewhere green; cold enough but warm enough terrains.
Rent ourselves a Bronco & drive around like a bunch of nuts.
Through an empty long; cold stone road surrounded by autumn trees maybe..
Drag our feet through the leaves.

Might be going to Banyuwangi; Indo after Idul fitri.
That.. maybe. End of year holidays.. with the awesome kids; maybe.
Budapest maybe with Amiwalrus & whomever we can drag.
I just want an awesome getaway.

Also; I need another job. Thinking of going for an interview one of these weekends.
Maybe walk in; do what I do; ask them if I can start on the 20th of July.
I'll be murdered.

Guys.. if you don't hear from me after a week; call for backup.
I really need a good one.
A real one. Not just an event or freelance or whatever. Real part time.
Anyways~ Here's what's going on in my head:

[o] Red Bronco:

[o] Drive through a long road to no-friggin'-where; feel the wind in my hair.

[o] Just going to weird places;

[o] Conquer ze vorld!!~ Muhahaha!

I'll make it there somehow..
I can see it now~
Because honestly speaking?
Miles don't mean anything -Eye Alaska

Happy birthday Angry Vamp Boyy~

Nice dinner & Shisha session with this dude just now.
We cool lyk that. I dunno who he is, & he; I. That's how we like it.
Hahaha~ We have no lives. Our outings are always super spontaneous.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:35 AM