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Jan 29, 2012:Develop a thirst for the truth.


Dear diary,, Sat-dayy *28o112*.

Jello January. 
Hi, I'm random.
Y U SO random Vee?

Goshh.. I dunno. ._. But yeah I'm random. >.< !!
So anyway.. I've been studying/researching.
In my whole life I never had a doubt where truth was.
I just didn't know exactly what the truth was in excruciating detail.

So I'm walking towards it to find out.
Understand that I'm a kind of person who lingers.
I'd like to think of myself as a wanderer. Going zigzag & taking detours.
But as long as I get there. & I put as much effort into getting back to that direction.

Also kinda wish I was a guy.
Yes dudes.. if you knew me at all really you'd know it's not the 1st time.
Reason? It's less troublesome. You don't have PMS.
I really.. am at a loss when I do. Because I can't do what I should.

 Feels like I'm wasting valuable points.
& soon you'll come to find that life is a test;
& that everything here is temporary.
& I of all people know it's difficult to be rid of my laziness.

So my tip? We should have a constant search for motivation.
p.s. check this out! So cool~
A muslim convert usually has more insights to Islam than an occassional born-muslim.
Trust me.. it's true. Because it's an asset we take for granted.

Before anyone converts to Islam, they want to be sure.
So they try to find any kind of information they can lay their hands on.

Only till they find the truth, only till they're convinced.. only then will they accept it.
Unlike us who are born thinking I'm muslim because mama told me I am.

& I dare say that if you studied it properly, it's impossible to find Islam illogical. 
Out of everything in the world, this is what I'm most confident of.
What could it hurt you? Research. Get curious. Find the right sources.

If not the religion, grasp the moral values. Because I'm doing it too. Learning.

Like philosophy ya know?
& to the people around me.. for the record;
I couldn't care less if you post tweets like "The religion is fine. It's the hardcore followers."
As far as I'm concened, mine isn't 24/7.

& I feel like you only say that because you're irked/guilty.
Because at times.. I get irked & guilty too. I feel ya. But stop that.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:18 AM

Jan 26, 2012:


Talk of the Aliens, ghost stories & seeing fireworks..

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy *25o112*.

Jello January. 
It's already mid thursday.
Yesterday was nice~ =)

Telling Nisa my most embarrassing scenarios.
She sure had a good laugh. Although I'm sorry for making her wait.
Had band prac; as usual Ahmad made me play some parts either an octave lower or higher.
The pressure. But I can do it. Though I was sleepy & my fingers were numb.

Blood don't flow through my hands well these days..
After a bit of pressure my hands feel like they've been in antarctica.
But deck was beautiful. We saw fireworks. Almost screamed of glee. ^^
Started with ghost stories, ended with funny ones. Had a great laugh.

It's been a while.
Thinking about it, gosh I'm so not natural.
The way I walk, talk, my voice, my movements.. I see myself as awkward.
The awkward kid. Ahh well~

For the record, I don't wanna be fat..
& I'm not but.. Sweets are difficult for me to let go of.
Spendthrift for sweets I swear. It's not really a good thing.
I'm scared I might spend all my moolahh to become a diabetic.

Wooaaaaaahhh no. Dear God please no.

Gawshh; I really need to get a good acoustic guitar.
& get my full hi-lo rocker.
& the shoes at JP.
Mmnhh kayy.
Save up for my licenses.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:20 PM

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