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Dec 31, 2011:Happy people. =)

Jurong wonderland.

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *3o1211*.

Diabolical December. 
Just got back from Jurong point. ^^ Currently o3oohrs in the morn.Had a looong walk with Zai, Ahmad, Yanie & the trolley full of bbq shitzz.

New Years Eve already huh..?
Zai's having a bbq tmr & I'm not sure if I'll be joining them.

I did however have loads of fun shopping with 'em at Fairprice~
Riding the scooter along the aisle with Dumbo the plushie.

Ahmad & Zai were happily fooling around with their new torchlights. -.-
Wasted time trying to return the trolley only to land ourselves with another one.
So 1am+ & we left JP to send Yanie home. Turns out she lives at the blk my twin used to.
After that we took a detour around Jurong~ Laughter & nonsense filled the morning air.

Hell's chicken.

& reports on Grace having got out. I missed her.
& the LiL' monster Wiwi & her cunning Hitler-like ways to destroy the WP kids internally.
Break them out & recruit them as her own. Man she's scary that way.
So much evil in such a little vessel. Hahaha~ Well! That's pretty much it.

Spending early New Years Eve tmr with maybe Ethan & gang.
& then with my God Fam & mama. Maybe Zai & gang after that.
2012 huh? Let's have a good headstart shall we?
Jia You people!



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:14 AM

Dec 29, 2011:Starry starry night《星空》

Starry starry night by Vincent Van Gogh.

Dear diary,,

Diabolical December. 
" 當你寂寞的時候,只要仰望星空,世界就會變得好大好大.. "
When you're lonely, just look at the stars.. & the world would seem so vast.

So vast..

Lessons to be grasped..
"Everything passes.. but before letting go, hold on as tight as you can."

& that..

My life may look bad. Terrible maybe. Horrid at times. But when compared to..

I'm truly blessed.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:27 AM


Mixed Magic.

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy *281211*.

Diabolical December. 
Well to be honest I've continued on my self-reflecting.. as usual.
Only this time I've realized that my words & actions..

Are manifested from blatant reckless-ness, (well maybe I noticed that awhile back but..)
I need to stay still for a sec. Me gusta going sloww~ Chill bitch.

Refrain from the stupidity.. this is partially.. my Christmas updates!

So whutt i do fer Christmas? Spend time with mummy getting lost in wonderland.

Jyeahh~ running about here & there.. everwhere!
I'm getting tired of narrating.
What I'm not getting tired off however..
is coming up with ideas to add to my bucketlist!~

Manchester United!!~

Thank you Kak Ira! 

Cheers to that!.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:03 AM

Dec 26, 2011:...


Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *261211*.

Diabolical December. 



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 6:46 PM

:Not much of a holiday..

Merry Christmas Loves..

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *251211*.

Diabolical December. 
Technically Monday. It's already 2am.
Boy do I not photograph well.
& when I say I don't photograph well? I certainly don't photograph well.

Makes me wonder how blind certain people are.
Unphotogenic Cherrynose.

So I'm baaack~ Did' y'all miss me?? =DD

Okay shuddap.

Here's what I've been up to.. Nothing much actually.
After a super last minute packing, I went with the awesome kids to Bukit Gambang.
We stayed at the Carribean Bay Suite which was awesome.
Got to do a lot.. didn't do a lot. Weather was a b-tch.

The waterpark was freezing. I got a major headache. But it was cool. -.-
Pun NOT intended. &.. I touched a hare, 2 horses, a pony, 2 dogs..
Lassy & ?Tina, a moth & a lizard. Jyeahh. ._. Couldn't ride the ATV. Fargg.
But I rode a horse carriage. =) Faster than you think. I love horses. Huge. Omg.

Upon reaching home I fell super sick. Yay. No surprise there.
On the evening of the 22nd I headed for Vibes 2011 at BlueJazBar which was awesome. =)
I'm referring to both the people there, & the event & it's location. Naisee.
EMP spinning. Made a full out of myself. Met more cool cats. Like Anis! =)

Vibes ended sometime past midnight. All of us had dinner before Sheeshaa.
The young dude who took care of the place let us try something different for free.
Tasted the same to me. Either way.. after that we hung around some place nice.
Played truth or dare. Epic fun. Ideas running out after time.

Need to better prepare next time. Hais..

Tons of ideas put into the bucket list I shall try out before I die..
While traveling. Crossed out Jet skiing last holidays.
Among which, the almost-achieved para sailing, off-road ATV rides..

Hot air balloons. Riding an actual horse. Bungee jumping. Skiing. Flash pranks.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 2:16 AM

Dec 17, 2011:

As long as she's not alone..

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *161211*.

Diabolical December. 
Mark's EP Launch.
A lot of people burned their tickets *figuratively.

It was okay~
Love the glowsticks idea.

The vocalist for Natalie's plight is a bit too strong sometimes..

The vocalist for the opening band is cute. Haha~

Reminds me of Sufie when he sings certain parts.
The percussionist reminds me of Firdot.
Didn't do much on a Friday.
Pretty much got started on packing & stoning.

I.. would love to try turning back to you.
But then all the efforts thus far will have gone to waste.
& everything I worked for to clean the bullshit up till now.. nullified.
You're awesome. But yeah.. you're awesome.

What I have lined up after I come back to Sg:
Vibes 2011, on the 22nd Dec @BlueJazzBar.
Crash at FeeqTurtle's place with the replugioz.
Practice my craft (mainly keys..) & better my FYP shit. Maybe get some portraits done.

Hopefully I get to be a Student Leader again this year for Freshman Orientation.
Then I'll disappear for half a year for my 1st semester internship God knows where.
& I'll take the opportunity to revamp my life. Because something isn't working right..
But I can't figure out exactly what aspect of it. Priorities? Goals?

p.s. 夏日乐悠悠 Love you you is a good movie. Despite the cheesy name.

"Leave the old you behind.
Everytime I'm sad.. I'll come to this island;
shout at the world for one night..
cry alone for one night.
Wake up the next day..
& leave all unhappy memories behind here.
Take off with a fresh start."



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 8:04 AM

Dec 16, 2011:Replug Pop Night Internals 2011

Last internals of the year.

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy *151211*.

Diabolical December. 
Came to school for practice.
Disappeared for a while to see my favourite people.

My future rocker. \m/

Well actually the day started with a fresh pack & Syiq~
claiming girls have the ability to assume & assume correctly.

That.. is probably a problem for problematics like "girls".

Because it makes us overthink when what we should be doin..

is master the "nothing box"~ When we don't think of anything. At all.
Regardless how I acted.. my mood was down in the dumps.
We had the usual gang at the usual place..
Matthew's awesome hugs & Nicholas's inability to memorise lyrics properly.

Uncomfortable in doing the things I've been doing for so long.
Simply because at that point of time.. I really wanna be left alone.
Dansen rushed his last minute drawing UT submission. God I was scared for him.
Helped him out with cutting the borders and pasting double-sided tape on his edges..

The doggy ears are the ones that'll cost you your marks. -.-
I felt like his mother nagging at him & cleaning his class full of bloody straws.
Internals was good. A lot nervous for playing guitar for the 1st time.
Guessing we're performing for oncoming Pop Night. Cool. =/

FeeqTurtle & Wancai playing team on the cajon.

Cool shit. Like taking turns to hit the sides & the face.

Solos & breaks.

The others singing & screaming..
we had a couple of guitars out since it's internals.
I mastered half of my current favourite song Quite by Rachael Yamagata.
The resonance we got in the staircase while I was singing with Leena was awesome.

K.. still not done packing my bags.
Are we leaving tonight or tomorrow?
I think Fad's still in Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort for the camp instructors leadership training.
Wish I could've gone but internals clashed. Sad.. urghh.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:21 PM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪