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Mar 20, 2012:Alhamdulillah..

#Islam #Gratitude

Dear diary,, Tues-dayy *2oo312*.

Macchiato March. 
So these days I've been tweeting & kept tweeting only with the support of knowing my intentions.
& I know I've been upholding my duties & reflecting 1st & foremost above anything else.

& my sole pillar of support is my faith & knowing God knows what I conceal or reveal.
But these days Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah s.w.t. I'm grateful.
In all things good or small.. that people around me are very accepting & understanding.
& I was able to get through to some people in some things if not yet Islam.

The miracle of guarding the Qur'an
Malcolm X on Islam.

Positive impact of Islam. ^^ Just so you know.. Rox replied to this tweet:

"Orang Islam, susah sangat nak makan yang halal? Asal? Tak sedap? Beza tak banyak pe? ._."
(Muslims, is it that hard to eat halal food? Why? Don't taste good? But there's not much difference. ._.)

More positive impacts. ^^ #Islam #Logic #Perfection Our faith never failed before. #BottomsUp!

I seriously hope so.. this one's a reply to my tweets on clarifying intentions.
I'm for what's right no matter who it's from. If it's right for humanity, it's right for me.

Anyway~! I went out with my loves yesterday after so long!
It's been months since all four of us were together. Honestly. ^^
& when I'm with them.. I do the weirdest things. We went to Haw Par Villa.
Buddhist: 10 gates of Hell.

After that we headed to Vivo to eat while we wait for Zana. Things happened, people got injured.

Namely Dada! I didn't see what happened but her toe ended up bleeding.
So yeahh.. We wanted to go to Haw Par Villa again coz Zana has never been there.
But it was closed. =( My throat was super soar.. & my body got lethargic. Oh immune system~
But we were still happy people who bought this weird oversized ?Zimbabwe-themed shirt together.

Just so you know, Me & Dada crashed at Zana's the day before. Adnan Sempit II. Hahaha!
We slept outside rolling around on mattresses. It was superbly fun I must say~
Intro-ed them to
닥치고 꽃미남밴드 Shut up pretty/flowerboy band"!
Told 'em the 1st 2 eps will set them off.

Through my imperfections, I know I'm good at reading things & people. Not perfect but still..

Zana didn't watch the 1st 2. She only watched the part towards the end where one dies.
Of course Dada was crying already by then trying to hold back. You have to fall for the character 1st.
Basically it's a Kdrama. Why do I think it's not just another sob story?
The brotherhood & the loss; the sacrifices they selflessly made because they love each other.

It's basically about a group of boys who are earnestly in a band for certain important reasons.

Of course at 1st.. it was because they loved music. They spend all their time together. Gigs..
School.. most of them coming from a bad background. Crazy fights. & then the school closed down.
Spoiler: They transferred, things happened, & they lost one of 'em. The crazy whack job.
& nothing will ever be the same without the nutso leader.

So I wanted to head to sleep after 2 eps. But Dada insisted so 4. Ohh my goodness. zzz
Woke Zana up for sch at give or take 5 a.m.. Initially thought of sending her to school but,
Dada was asleep & I remember clearly; that she sleeps like a rock so I nodded off again.

Sometime in the morning she was talking to my aunt saying we didn't go coz I was asleep. -.-

ROFL!! I straight away sat up & said "WHO again?" Hahaha!

I was the one who woke Zana up! =O
But our breakfast was extravagant. Because Ibu served us fried rice in these cool looking plates.

& so.. we started the morning happy. & Zaini came to my place(a blk beside Zana) before HPV.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:42 PM

Mar 17, 2012:


Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *17o312*.

Macchiato March. 
Man it's been so long since I went out & gave myself a break!
You have no idea the fatigue & strain I had in my brain. But it's a good feeling.

After Asr(Afternoon prayers) I headed to meet Lily & Ariff at Starbucks Woodlands.
One of the baristas warned me of the White Chocolate Mocha. It's not halal.
She just found out that it contained pig fats but told me not to post on FB till she's sure officially.
For now I'll warn my friends 1st since I promised her that much.

At about 18:20-30 I took 187(5stops) & transferred to 960(7stops) across the st.
& headed for Alliance Francaise de Singapur to support Dansen in the musical "You & Me".
Was late by half an hour but either JM or Matthew Chong said I didn't miss much.
Either way.. Puteri Erna Natasha my childhood skating buddy was there! =D

She knew Ryan! & a lot of people~ My goodness we haven't hung out for so long!
& we live in the same Avenue. -.- But anyways.. Dansen was great at acting. =D
Lots of Replugios were there. Namely Vic, Feeq, Daryl, Edmund, Cher, Mal, Wan, Fifi, Din, etc.
Heard they were planning a surprise birthday party for Mal. Not sure how it went. 

Thought of hanging out with Vic, Feeq & Daryl but Feeq has a performance tmr.
So hung out with Jor-el, Ryan & Nick & friends instead. =D
Met awesome kids like Matthew Chong, Luke Boanerges, JM, Sarsi & Sarah~
Mehh.. It was a fine night. =D \m/ Matt & Luke asked to come for the Apr 3rd chalet.

I hope so.. I definitely wanna go. Someone's bound to get drunk.
Matt, please stick to your "Straight X" vow. I am definitely not drinking.
Hahaha~ Either way.. it's been so long since I went out!!

The moment I felt the sun I felt so free I wanted to fly~

God it felt so good~ =)
Headed home with Sleepy Matt coz the rest were heading to a bar.
Took 187 & @LeStrangeKidd: "4 words. The guy beside me. #KeepGuessing"
Hahaha~ & God is truly Awesome! The moment I alighted from it I caught the last 975 bus! Alhamdulillah..

p.s. I will have to bear this in mind. Heed my words. Action more than words.

I'm a free spirit in that I only belong to God.
Gradually stopped being scared of what people think. Because life is short. Have a little more faith.
Shouldn't waste time staying stagnant for fear of seemingly authoritative, influential people.

p.s. the voice of the girl who played Megan was naiseee(nice)~



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 2:03 AM

Mar 12, 2012:I hope this can be one of the signs Allah sends you.


Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *12o312*.

Macchiato March. 
You owe it to yourselves to find out why the Qur'an is right or wrong. & it's never wrong.
& muslim parents should really instill faith into their kids instead of asking them to blindly do things.

To my dear friends & firm disbelievers:

Read this: http://voiceofquran.com/ebooks/002_The_Amazing_Quran.pdf
I think it's a good writing with an ample amount of "angles" or "point of views".

Islam doesn't practice blind faith because Islam is a religion based on logic.
Islam doesn't practice blind faith because it urges people to seek knowledge.
Islam doesn't practice blind faith because if it does, why do so many people convert in?
& among these people are those of high caliber in how they bring themselves & well-read.

Islam doesn't practice blind faith because it challenges you to prove it wrong.
It's rendered impossible because it is the word of God not prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
who was just a passionate & dutiful messenger & the one Allah s.a.t. entrusted the task.
Islam is not a religion that bows down to a man who claims himself God. 

But a religion whose God is incomparable & loving & forgiving amongst other great things.
Our God Allah s.a.t. is just & the people who have brought themselves up well are all safe.
However I beseech you to learn. You owe it to yourself to find the truth.
Islam does not promote terrorism because there are many Muslims who are peaceful.

Islam does not promote terrorism because if it did, why did some pastors decide to convert?
You have to understand that every individual human being makes their own choices.
Why is Islam being blamed for mistakes that certain human beings have done?.

& Islam teaches you to never give up on anyone.

 Like Moses(PBUH) was told to speak softly to the Pharaoh in hopes he may repent.

& surah Al-Kafirun quotes:

بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

 قُلۡ یٰۤاَیُّہَا الۡکٰفِرُوۡنَ
Say: O disbelievers,
لَاۤ اَعۡبُدُ مَا تَعۡبُدُوۡنَ

I serve not what you serve,
وَ لَاۤ اَنۡتُمۡ عٰبِدُوۡنَ مَاۤ اَعۡبُدُۚ
Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve,
وَ لَاۤ اَنَا عَابِدٌ مَّا عَبَدۡتُّمۡ
Nor shall I serve that which ye serve,
وَ لَاۤ اَنۡتُمۡ عٰبِدُوۡنَ مَاۤ اَعۡبُدُؕ
Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve.
لَکُمۡ دِیۡنُکُمۡ وَلِیَ دِیۡنِ
For you is your recompense and for me my recompense.

Muhammad(PBUH) treated everyone with respect while our foe harmed our women & children.
Everything Allah s.w.t. wants you to do is good for you & what is forbidden, is bad for you.

Remember swine flu? MasyaAllah.. there are things that we are not meant to know however..

Others are explained so very clearly in the holy Qur'an & Muhammad was a perfect role model.

Islam doesn't practice blind faith because there are verses in the Qur'an proven scientifically true.
Muhammad(PBUH) did not come up with the scripture & the holy Qur'an wasn't written by
born muslims because the religion called Islam is a perfected guide God gave mankind.
The people merely jot down the messages that God wanted Muhammad(PBUH) to narrate.

The information in it so powerful that many are converting to Islam even after his death.
If you are truly good people.. you owe it to yourselves to read & understand the whole Qur'an.
God gave you free will so use it. Find out why it's right or wrong. God is most loving & kind.

Ask & he'll show you the right way. He won't abandon you nor will he grow weaker without you.

Allah s.w.t. won't grow weaker & I won't lose anything should you turn away.
But Allah s.w.t. sends signs throughout every human being's lives to point them to the truth.
& if God wills it, I hope this can be one of those signs for you to open your heart & "mind's eye",
I don't decide for you. You decide for yourself.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:05 PM

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