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Mar 30, 2011:How much i love them.. words can't describe.

 ♥LaLa Land™
GAWSHH i LOVE you people!!~

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*3oo311* .

RT @Syuuue:
You know when you feel so loved & you get all the warmth
from just a meet-up? Yea with this bunch (;

FOP training was made AWESOME because of Chrissy & Kimmy. \m/
Well actually EVERYONE. Honest. VietnamAwesomablezzz included!
I woke up on the right side of the bed today.
In fact i didn't sleep due to Insomnia. =(

Anyway.. More fun tomorrow!!~ Gonna get WET~ ;)
Plus SWIMMING~ After training! YAY!!~
Awesomablezz lahh tomorrow.
Can't wait for everything.

Ohh & after school earlier on..
Had dinner with the Awesomablezz!!~ ^^V
We are really not a team. We're family. See-rai-years-lee~
Able to talk about anything & everything.

Doing the stupid & crazy at our best.
Riding the push cart around campus~
Dominating anywhere & everywhere~
I just honestly love them..

I feel so sick right now..
A sudden hit of the flu..
Hopefully sleep will remedy.
After bumping into Wansha and chasing him with my cat. LoL!

=( God you make me worry.
I don't like to worry.
I'd hate to worry.
Don't ever do it again.

If i could catch a falling star & put it in your pocket..



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:56 PM


 ♥LaLa Land™
Tch! x999

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*29o311* .

Lucky i didn't update my blog too early. xD
So many interesting things happened last minute. =/

I swear right now I'm super curious.
People who know me long enough would understand..
that my curiousity should not be underestimated.
It's like that saying "Curiousity killed the cat".

But then at the same time if i don't open my eyes..
I'll never see where im goin' right?.
It's in my blood.
Imprinted on my name.

The Precious Sight to the Light of the Truth.

Nur Shahiddah Ain
Cahaya | YangBenar | Mata/Berharga
Light | TheTruth | Eye/Precious
Don't laugh. I'll kill you. ^^V

Okay so.. uhm..
i matured by a bit.
Just a teeny weeny bit.
So Yayy~ xDD.

Hopefully dinner tomorrow night with the Vietnam fam?
But then again you know.. Uncertainty.
Everyone's slowly starting to fade.
I really hope im being paranoid.

And someone said something that kinda struck me.
i think he misunderstood.. but i know he didn't lose anything. =)
Just a little paranoid. But i won't let anything happen.
Anything bad of course.. Shh~

All in all.. it will only work in his favour.
If not? Then worse comes to worse we'll all stay stagnant.

Ohh yeah!!
& The VietnamDude who looked like Cardcaptor Sakura's dad!
So sweet! xD But then the praise was totally irrelevant.
So i shall not forward it here.^^V



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:23 AM

Mar 28, 2011:

 ♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*28o311* .

Well lemme tell ya what i disagree with.
Girls who make their boyfriends carry their handbags.

B*tch they were designed differently for a reason.
Are you really straight or are you inwardly les?
Even if the guy wanted to, like wth?
Ahh well~ It's none of my b.z.

kayy i'm done. xD

Ehh~ emotionless i am definitely not.
Wonder what gave her that idea.
But i do understand that i need to stop stoning my face for pictures.

Excited for Thursday!!~
Goin' swimmin' with mummy.
Well.. maybe more like floatin'/soaking then swimming.
After JBP we made a decision to relax~

& why do people ask me why am i not in a r/s..
 haha okay im not. & im not trying to be rude.
i do honestly wonder if being gay would be better from time to time.

i don't want one kayy?
Not one where i have to do everything perfectly 24/7
Though right now i feel like having a TTM.
Maybe i will. =))

The most honest me.
This is the best i can describe it but mostly what i say is either..
Too much or Too little..
but NEVER enough.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:47 PM

Mar 27, 2011:

 ♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*27o311* .

JurongBirdPark, WoodlandsWaterfront, SembawangPark.
Today was uber fun but exhausting.


Penguins are cute. xD
I wanna be a penguin. Do you wanna be a penguin?
& Owls are super cool can~?

We took loads'a pictures. xD
As usual. Hot weather today. Hmm.
Mehh. HornbillChitChat dude said..
"Hornbills are forever faithful to their partners respectively. Are you?"

Haha~ Admirable i must admit.
Wanna know?

& hha~
A student from PetrusKy sch in Vietnam called & sms-ed me.
So cute! Their english is so limited. Can't do this often. =/
No $$. He was one of the fairly good ones though..


I question your feelings for me. I don't think it's even real.
Maybe it's merely because you keep telling yourself that.
Who knows if some hot chiobu comes along all of a sudden?
In less than a sec, out a mind & all is forgotten.

Humans do that you know?
They lie to themselves & try to get themselves convinced.
Thinking "No it's all real. If not why do i think about you most of the time?"
You know what? I question 99% of my closest friends' relationships.

Wondering if they are all just messed up lies people tell themselves
to get into one of those & prevent "loneliness".
Fight3, break up, ohh well~ Get a new one!
Pala hotakk uhh. -.-

It can't be called cheating if i was never commited.
If i never had a status.
I know the kind of person i am.
I never asked for anything serious. Not till I'm sure.

Once we're both awkward, the most recent goodbye could be the last.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:40 PM

Mar 26, 2011:Sorry people. =))

 ♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy*26o311* .

There's an up side to everything~
Just like there's an upside to my laziness.

okay maybe not everything.

Well.. i still choose to look on the bright side of life.
A.k.a. the Bimbotic side of life. ;)
BOOBzzzz. hahaha~


Kayy so right..
i don't know what i just ate for lunch/breakfast/BRUNCH.
Barely called food but i was too lazy to get ready & go out of the hse.
Supposed to be @ the bbq passing the Jurong peeps their souvenirs right now.

Also.. supposed to be at Nana's performance at Tamp by 5+/6.
Since i still do not have my make up on..
i think i'll sembahyang Asar while i'm at it. xD
Meeting mama @ Woodlands & then riding 168.

i always end up being the villain these days..
Just because i really want things done.
Like chasing people for overdue photographs..
Or asking people to hurry & confirm their schedules for the next trip.
I don't mean to but if one person keeps waiting for the other..
Then when the he-- will any work be done?? 2012?
Armegeddon? The end of the world??
Sorry guys.. i've had too much experiences not met.

Someone HAS to be the villain.
i'll treat you guys a lollipop to remedy the pain. =)
But i think i've been too laid back in life it's time i see some action.
All talk no action = DumbBlondeGo DUHHHH~

p.s. MoreThanWords baby~ \m/



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 5:01 PM

Mar 25, 2011:Wa'ermelons..

 ♥LaLa Land™
Wa'ermelon head!!~

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy*25o311* .

Just remembered a scene with Watermelon boy here~
After i got him to smile.. *Which apparently took hardwork.

One wa'ermelon..
Two wa'ermelons..
Three wa'ermelons..


So he was sittin' by the gate watching the Vietnam wannabes work..
& i wanted to take a picture of him so i asked him to smile.
Despite the strong language barriers he did this.

Haha! What a smile~

 Cheeky boy~

& when they served us lunch..
i saw him leaning against the fence looking.
So i raised my hands & asked for high5s but he smiled & looked away~
Hha tch. So i gave him a sad puppy dog pout & he came running to gimme 10!

Anyways~ ytd was random. xD
Went down to sch to meet Winanto, Charles, Diana, Sherman & the rest.
Ended up eating Sakura at Dhoby Ghaut & hanging at MBS.
Awesome night.. ytd was. A lot of reflecting i guess..

Like i said..
i wonder who's real & who's not. 
Were you?
i'd very much like to think so yeahh.. 



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SyidahAinVeeJr.; 2:13 PM

Mar 23, 2011:

 ♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy*24o311* .

i shall not write an entry for tomorrow.
i sped things up too much that i'm a day ahead of schedule.

& ReplugSoccer was AWESOME. hha~
before we even started, the ball was kicked into the swimming pool.
& then once on the roof of the shelter..
& HotFeesh looked like some 60s kid ready for PE.

Haha~ "Team disqualified for having their pants on too short."
So says GerardWalkWalkWalkWalkWalkWalkWalk.
Ohh Goshh!
& me & Liyana rode the handicapped elevator for the 1st time.

Bumped into Sheryl in the shower room! xD
So happy~ ^^V
& random thoughts are piling up in my mind again.
It took me a year++ to learn this but..

I am not giving up the things i care about too easily.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:57 PM

Mar 22, 2011:Vee's rJ [ReflectionJournal]

 ♥LaLa Land™
Too often i'd like to reminisce.

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*23o311* .

Okay maybe not much of a preference but a habit.
It's my ordeal. Don't give it another thought, even for me.

Besides.. see what happens if i don't?
i was stuck in "FabliauxFebruary" up till moments ago.
Even though it's already nearing the end of "MacaronicallyMarch."
Ohh my.. Time stopped for awhile in my world.

But i guessed it moved on too quickly to catch up with the present.
Ohh.. & i've been looking at old photographs & entries.
Especially on my msn profile..
It's been awhile.

Given the chance..?
i'd very like to start over.
stop rushing things.. i'm still very young as compared to..
& idk if he's joking but i hope he knows i'm nowhere near sure.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 9:41 PM


 ♥LaLa Land™
Living in my inner-space bubble again..

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*22o311* .

Still haven't snapped out of the Vietnamese Fairytale.
I've. been. on. a. plane!!~

But to be honest some questions still lingers in my mind.
Like who was real & who was fake?
Did we teach the people anything? Did they learn?
Did we teach OURSELVES anything? Did we succeed..?

How sincere was i..?
How genuine were they..?
Did everything go according to plan? Whose..?
What.. just.. happened?

And here we are..
i'm back to over-thinking.
however.. i'm not forcing smiles anymore.
i'm honestly content in my own lil' way. Just confused.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:24 AM

Mar 21, 2011:

 ♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*21o311* .

Okay seriously.
i refuse to update officially till i get the proper pictures.

Another side of Vietnam?
The Zoo~ ;)
There's an angry beaver..
A rabbit/cat~
A happy Whale~
A dodo bird~
An apple to feed the donkey~ ahaha!

Now that im back in Sg..
i feel a lil awkward.
everything just happened in a blink of an eye.
it's like ocean waves pushing me back & forth & all i could do was follow.

Now that im washed ashore on the motherland..
all i do is lay here.. on this unknowingly unfamiliar-becoming sand.
i miss the faces that has become familiar to me.
my bright & cheerful  lil brother Sang with a whole lot of misopportunities..



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:10 AM

Mar 20, 2011:The end of my Vietnamese Fairytale..

 ♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*2oo311* .

So two weeks past.
Gone so fast but still very much alive.

LoveSTORIEZZZ in Vietnam..?
So weird eyhh? So many people. Haha~
So adorable! So innocent~ So cute!
Okay i'll shuttup now..............

But i really LOVE this group.
Really i swear.
Everyone's personalities..
How their tiny quirks add up to the atmosphere.

& there i feel..
i'm truly not alone.
We started the trip together..
& we ended it together..

updates later.
imma zzz.




SyidahAinVeeJr.; 8:42 PM

Mar 7, 2011:Au revoir~

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*o7o311* .

Probably'd be in the plane by now.
This post is auto scheduled to appear.
Well.. this is really goodbye then. *sobs
Eff. I have yet to fall for anyone new dammit, k bye.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:45 AM

Mar 6, 2011:Get the picture?

Click the picture!! -.-
 ♥LaLa Land™
Who ARE you?

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*o6o311* .

Kau siapa?
네가 뭔데??

Kau takde hak nak bobal ngan aku.
I don't know you asshole.
If you didn't talk to me, come near me or touch my things..
The world would be just one big blissed-filled ignorance.

Whatever. 2 weeks away from you.
It's going to be fantastic.
I'll forget everything.
& lock the shits deep inside some tiny portion of my brain.

Anyways~ hmm..
" To ton, or not to ton? "
That, is the question. One i don't have an answer to.
Need to get luggage from PakLang.. Since he goes overseas often.

& some last minute stuffz to buy..
But still feeling so very lazy to get everything done.
But it's gonna be super fun later at the airport.
1st time on a plane so maklumlahh.. perangai budak kecil sentiasa.

& to my girls.. hahaha~ kelakarnye..
Just because of that night? Nothing's going to happen alright?
Not right now. Not anytime soon. I don't have the mood i swear.
Still very far from wanting anything "special".

Just take care of yourselves.
A lot can happen in a mere 2 weeks.
Stay out of unnecessary problems please.
I don't want to have to come home to shit-assed news.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 4:03 PM

Mar 5, 2011:

 ♥LaLa Land™
Mehh. Don't wanna wake =(((

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy*o5o311* .

Gotta do Laundry..
& stuffz.

I know I should be thankful but cool isn't it?
My handphone will just NEVER disappear completely.
Because Sg [Ubin included] are full of very nice people..
Kot hp tuu ajaib ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
but then i told Shaz i couldn't give him my num coz i lost my hp. =/
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. kiwek klakar siol.
Mehh.. back from hangin' out with the JurongKids.
Funny how things started & things ended.
In the end overall it was still fun anyway..

i have NOT packed ANYTHING.
i am too LAZY to PACK.
i wanna just go and zzz.
i have a feeling i'll be in for panic and rush hour soon~ ^^V

have to be at the airport by o515hrs on Monday.
Au revoir~ Adieu~
i'll be out of your hair for 2 weeks!
all of ya! nyahahahaha!

in the words of Nurhajasuriah Bte Hamid:
Goodbye! Takecare! Don't take drugs!~
Ahaha.. mepek. Let's hope we do a good job over there kayy guys?
Smile through the stress & enjoy every minute of the trip!

& hopefully Naz didn't forget to bring an extra mp3 for me..
i don't forget all the important stuffz i NEED to bring.
still can't get off my bed to start packing.

ohh a'ahh siol!
we are gonna visit the amusement park there too!
kyaaaaa!!!!!~~ xDD baek ahh!! \m/
& Sherman, i was the one who wrote "Act cute" on your book.

p.s. =/ mum really thinks it's fine for me to ton.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:40 PM

Mar 2, 2011:Updated

 ♥LaLa Land™
So yet again..

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy*o3o311* .

Negativity almost took over.
But im okay now..

A documentation of my thoughts in MicrosoftWords.
i'll be doing this more often from now on..

In Jurong again.
The fun has yet to begin.
Let me be engulfed in ignorant stupidity please.
i prefer it that way..

They look after me without being asked. =/ 

not gonna be able to sleep much today.
2318hrs: currently in 172 otw home..
i have yet to pack my bags and get the sleeping bag from Nana.
& i haven't even eaten breakfast.. really.

6am, report at Lot1 to meet Yaya for breakfast.
Dian just texted me saying she wanna meet us at Changi..
Coz she doesn't know how to get to the bumboat place.
Ubin here we come!!~

When we get back on Friday, imma head to TGIF with the AwesomeKids!
We're gonna spend the whole night away at ChineseGarden.
& in the morning go SWIMMING!!~ xDD yayy~
Stage without borders in the evening maybe?

hmm.. met him. =) hahaha! 
like some extra chinese dude.
always adding an extra sentence or two. x3
Would never have guessed he was the same age as me.
Or was it older? =/



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:30 PM


 ♥LaLa Land™
i LOVE Jurong.

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*o1o311* .

i've been over-thinking less nowadays. =)
instead.. i've been stupidizing. ^^V

No it's not a real word. PLEASE don't look it up.
Because if you do, you are also stupidizing with me.
present participle of transforming into all things "tOoPid".

Did i tell you i love Jurong..?
i LOVE Jurong.

So otw sch to pick up the UbinTrip form..
Went up to the twins' house.
Waited for Abg Adly for awhile and headed for sch..
After collecting the form i took 187 to Jurong. zzz

Was asleep in the bus when someone woke me.
Ahmad! xD ehk ohh!
"Lucky~ you can guide me to JYC. ^^V"
Haha~ sleepyhead here went back to sleep.
Along the journey i woke up a while & saw ahmad asleep.
*cute hha~ the only time die tk mcm setan. xP jkjk.

Had UBER fun there today i swear!! x33
Climbing stuff.. The guys doing jackass and rolling around..
Running around the place and then hitting the walls/bars.
God knows how much i laughed because of them. =))



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:08 AM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪