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Nov 30, 2011:Honestly..


Dear diary,, Wed-dayy *3o1111*.

My bestfriend.
Baby thanks.. for tolerating me.

I'm still having pms brain. HIMYM remember? Pregnancy brain. Hahs.
If you read my blog today.. just wanna apologise in advance.

For the stupidity you put up with & the chatterbox that I am.

& thanks.. for making me laugh all the time.

Good to know I can look stupid around you & have it not matter.
From the bottom of my heart (to which you have no idea..)..
I'm so sorry.
For whatever the future brings. You know I love you.

Class was fine. Had to design some website. Deepika did most of the work.
Smoking with the classmates.. & meeting new friends. =)
Dawn + Debra = Deborah.
Hahaha! Chindian + D = Chindian D.

Fye said I look french with my beanie & big white shirt; & street with my pants & shoes.
Street french. Awesome. -.- ahaha!!~ It rained.. we were stuck awhile.
Poor Wan wasted time coming down to give us umbrellas.

& the IIP meeting after school was super darn boring so I slept.

If.. you even knew me.
If you actually.. truly knew.
Open your eyes. Or don't.
I need a super long break away from it all..

Ku berlari ke hutan.. kemudian menyanyiku.
Ku lari ke pantai.. kemudian teriakku.
Sepi.. sepi dan sendiri aku benci. Ingin bingar; aku mahu di pasar.
Bosan aku dengan penat. Enyah saja kau pekat.

Seperti berjelajah jika ku sendiri..

I'm drowning.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:36 PM

:That's.. not the point.


Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *291111*.

Visual storytelling.
So I woke up late. Miracle how fast I got ready.

All I did in class was put colour into a comicstrip.
Well.. a page of some comic.

Today's lesson? How to make effective use of colours.

Everything has to have a meaning. Why that colour? Why the hue?

What significance does it hold? What will the audience interpret it as?
What emotions do we want to evoke from the-
*fire alarm.
Yes. The fire evacuation exercise. Oh that was todaaaayy?

Some annoying voice repeating shit over & over again.
Us chilling at the carpark.. then back to class.. & lessons ended early.
Met up with Kevin & went to Kafishaap!!~ Hahaha.
Kev was hungry. & so yeahh..

Funny vocal lessons just now with the Replugios. Nyehh3~
Reminiscing classics from the 90s to early 2000s.
As we go along.. I got more & more disappointed with this Gen.

Sup with the Music Industry these days? Lack of taste? Or lack of vocab?

Turned off.

Tongue twisters & rapping~ looking at 2011's replug audition videos~
Oh my goodness. Haha. Good times.. gooooood~ times..
& yes. I think the M'sia trip is pretty much an "ok go" for me. =D
I'm goin' on a holiday with the awesome kids er'body! 16th~

I hear hotel lodging.. water parks.. whatever else..
I just need some time away.. from everything.
Internet.. cell phones..
Well actually I'm kinda away. Been awhile since I topped up my 8442 card.

Don't think I'm gonna. & My mobile broadband card 9713 is for text only.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:04 AM

Nov 29, 2011:Smash Art Magazine Cover pt. I


Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *281111*.

I worked hard. & hopefully it'll pay off. Unlike my pay.
I'm very sure that's not the full amt. Cash burnt after paying for shits.

Anyway.. yeah art changes things.
& anyway today was Graphic Design.

Stripped of time; this is what I managed to pull together.

Hopefully next week'll be better?

So yeah I googled it. As usual..
& did a lil' modifications to turn her into an android.
Shabby work but heyy~ I gets it done.
& the final piece is how my magazine looks like. Where's the goldfish? =(

Oh well~ Imma get the goldfish out next week.
Final improvements & touching up to do.. but I really gotta focus on my UT.
The test is way more important than the daily grades for classes.
& so yeah.. today was fine. =)

Started off feeling gayy~ Hahaha!! So laid back.. was today.
Very much happy.. got my work done, printed & mounted.. & walked around school.
A lot. Met up with NashhJ & played at the piano again. Smokey2 with Hana after.

Heard the loudest boom in the history of all thunders. 

RT @NashJupri:
- Yay.

Went for a smoke with Shah, Daryl, Feeq, & many others before the test.
It started at 1645 & I left 15mins before it ended. Awesome timing with Shah.
Headed to "Kafishap" (Coffeeshop across the street) with the Replugios.
& then to Daryl Xie's place with Kevin & Johnson.

Teehee. Awesome day. Lots'a laughter.
Thanks Amiwalrus & AnnaFerhanna for giving me a shock in class.
Randomly screamed my name when I came to pick up my bag & head for UT.
Daryl's minions siblings killing him (me playing his acc in some game) repeatedly.

Not knowing what to respond to their mum who asked "Have you eaten?".
Yes. I blurted out like a doofus because suddenly halal food sounds so offensive.
I find her intimidating. =( scary. & funny dinner conversations!!
Kevin the future pilot & JKhor the future Civil Defense medic? Hmm.........



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 2:39 AM

Nov 28, 2011:Azio's gig at Scape.

Overthinking kills.

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *271111*.

We're too similar it's uncanny.
Two peas in a pod I tell ya. Freaky thing.. this really is..

I think you're cute.
I know someone else who prolly still thinks so.

I reckon I'd have nothing to do with you because let's face it..

Not gonna happen. The whole universe is against us.

Including me. Ironic? Nahh.. Habit.
Cute's just cute. If you told him you thought so..
It's just that. Mehh. So what?
Your friend don't think it's such a good idea either.

Man.. =) Oh well.
Anyway~ as the title goes.. I was at Azio's gig at scape.
Had quite an awesome time honestly.
He did good. No.. he was fabu. Got the attention of the crowd.

Guess who's picture we saww~?

Takin' it sloww~
My girls in.. the next room.. sometimes I wish she was you~

Loads 'a people were there. Met loads 'a people too. ^^
There was Farah, Jerri, Jorel, Nabi, Ima, Nick, Afiq, Ayul, etc2.
Too many too name I guess. Let's leave it at that.

Ohh.. Graphic Designn~ you do me wrong. 

Adding on to the many eyebags I already have.
What joy. What fun.
Can't wait till my holiday trip on the 16th.
& hopefully Bali on Feb & fulfilling my dream..


Seeing Autumn for the 1st time in my life..
Hopefully Europe? Rome.. Spain.. France.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:16 AM

Nov 26, 2011:PMS-ing kitty of a postman.

I'm so sorry..

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy *261111*.

Son of a gun.. somebody put a stop to this mental torture!
Vee & insanity have always been cutting it close. Overlapping even.

You're overthinking baby.. come on. You know you're doomed.
Don't do it.

I gotta get a new diary. Start writing again. Everything.

've been having gaps in my memories lately.

& I think hard. Believe me. My curiousity is a force to be reckoned with.
I treasure the past more than most.
I won't let things go.
Especially now that I have no particular pursuit.

It's not that I don't want anything.
If you knew me at all.. you would've already known this.
Gotta sort myself out first. Gonna take some time.

Anyway.. met up with Lily at CWP.
Breakfast & movies at her place!
Ariff joined us at noon up till evening.
I need a chill pill. PMS major.

Redirecting focus on the magazine cover due Monday.
I want to cry it all out.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:15 PM

Nov 25, 2011:


Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *251111*.

After that talk with Lily about the future..
I feel an even bigger dead end.

Dude!!~ Wth are we studying for??
To get in a job completely unrelated to what we're learning?

Or get a random job related to what we're learning?

& then get paid the average amount for a life of what?

Under the government's wing to get paid average & pay them back.
Dok. Our lives kinda suck dontcha think?
Bills, lodging/housing/rent, necessities..

A life of worrying about what'll happen to you if you don't finish your assignments..
of worrying if you don't graduate..
of worrying if your GPA is good enough on the field..
& then of worrying about supporting yourself till you die.

I just wanna escape.
Not just school. I've already skipped a lot of classes.
I mean here. Here. I want to get out! Oy vey.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:42 PM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪