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Jun 25, 2012:Take care

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *25o612*.

Jackanapes June. 
Lips dry.
No matter what you won't see me cry.

no such thing..


You're just
right out of
the blue.

searching for

have a clue.




SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:24 PM

Jun 16, 2012:Happy Burffvzsxdayyeeee~

Heyy sup 

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *15o612*.

Jackanapes June. 
Yeah I know.. it's been a while eyhh guys?
Celebrated Zana Baby Jr.'s birthday with Prometheus! xD 

Seriously itching to catch a flight to anywhere.
Although Singapore is pretty gorgeous; I just want to conquer ze vorld.
Such a vehement desire to fly away and all around.
Gonna get my license this year or the next.

Wanna go somewhere green; cold enough but warm enough terrains.
Rent ourselves a Bronco & drive around like a bunch of nuts.
Through an empty long; cold stone road surrounded by autumn trees maybe..
Drag our feet through the leaves.

Might be going to Banyuwangi; Indo after Idul fitri.
That.. maybe. End of year holidays.. with the awesome kids; maybe.
Budapest maybe with Amiwalrus & whomever we can drag.
I just want an awesome getaway.

Also; I need another job. Thinking of going for an interview one of these weekends.
Maybe walk in; do what I do; ask them if I can start on the 20th of July.
I'll be murdered.

Guys.. if you don't hear from me after a week; call for backup.
I really need a good one.
A real one. Not just an event or freelance or whatever. Real part time.
Anyways~ Here's what's going on in my head:

[o] Red Bronco:

[o] Drive through a long road to no-friggin'-where; feel the wind in my hair.

[o] Just going to weird places;

[o] Conquer ze vorld!!~ Muhahaha!

I'll make it there somehow..
I can see it now~
Because honestly speaking?
Miles don't mean anything -Eye Alaska

Happy birthday Angry Vamp Boyy~

Nice dinner & Shisha session with this dude just now.
We cool lyk that. I dunno who he is, & he; I. That's how we like it.
Hahaha~ We have no lives. Our outings are always super spontaneous.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:35 AM

Jun 3, 2012:Replug Camp 2012

Yeah I know. 

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *o3o612*.

Jackanapes June. 
30th May - 1st June.
We are the wild ones.

I may not be much..
I may lack in many places..
However what I do have.. is this endless amount of gratefulness.
I'm so very thankful I'm even in this family. This great big retarded family.

This is for the dead worms they used for the wet games;
For the many candles burnt out; blew out & lighted up again;
For the chowed-down pizzas in our stomachs;
& for the awesome music that escaped our minds & into our ears.

This is for the busy Replugios who are on internship;
Replugios who couldn't make it because of their uptight mummies;
That annoying asdfghjkl; of a security guard who almost destroyed our plans;
& to everyone who was there.. everyone who made it possible.

But most of all.. this is for the naughty2 things we did;
The many cigarette buds left to litter our tracks;
the Midnight McD snacks;
& the sleepless hours of the dawn we rocked.

Replug Camp 2012 Showcase Stage:

Awesome or what?
It was a good mix this year.
I don't regret just getting ear candies.

Maybe it's where I'm meant to be.
Also.. here's to the Juniors.
At first I thought it was a lil' hard to mix this year. I was wrong. =)
The kids ain't half bad. Me loike.

& _|_ to the kids who said the 1st impression they had of me was emo.
Not because of how I acted; no. Because of my hair! Gahh! Hahaha~
Oh well~
Still love you guys.

Let's see who'll emerge as the newest couple? ;)

I just finished subbing the
"Replug Untold Story"
The subtitles should be live soon. ;D

Here it is!!~

Replug Sentosa Outing 2012 Coming Next Week!



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:29 PM

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