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Dec 31, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
Langkawi trip in pt. form part2!. =)

Dear diary,, Thurs-dayy*30121o* .

i think.. im confused with all the numbers.

So well.. Day 4 [26121o] :

Met up with the elders & the boys at 9++.
Harhar! They're never on time. zzz
Drove down to the mangrove for the tour!
Rode a boat down to this place with a load' a fish.

The stingray was so tamed that it reminded me of a cat. hha!
Come when it's called, happy to be patted. Only it feels rough.

Back on the boat, drove to crocodile cave.

Wanted to take pictures of bats but..
Due to timing, i could only capture this.

Then came, eagle feeding.
super difficult to get good shots.
but i managed a few..

See the crying baby?

And the sad child?

And the shoe!

After that was the bat cave!~

After that was feeding the monkeys!~

After the mangrove tour we headed down to Pasir Hitam.
Literally "BlackSand"Due to the granite washed ashore.
but black sand can only be found on that particular area.

After Pasir Hitam was Makam Mahsuri.
Based on the legend Mahsuri was the child of a Thai couple..
She was the most beautiful in all of Langkawi & married WanDarus.
When WanDarus was away for war,
she befriended a young man named Deraman.
but the village chief's wife envied her beauty and accused her of
being unfaithful & commiting adultery.
Mahsuri pleaded innocence but no one believed her.
Mahsuri was to be tied to a tree and stabbed to death but it didn't work.
Many villagers came to the tree to give offerings for Mahsuri's freedom but alas.
After every execution attempt failed,
Mahsuri told them to kill her with the family kris.
When she was stabbed, white blood flowed from the wound
signifying her innocence.
Some birds flew above her to cover her body.
With her dying breath, she cursed Lagkawi to have 7 generations of bad luck.
The kingdom was soon taken over by Siam.
The villagers at Padang Mat Sirat burned their own paddy fields
rather than let them fall into the hands of the Siamese.

Many Locals of Langkawi believe the legend to be true,
citing the decades of failed crops that followed Mahsuri's death.
Langkawi was also attacked by Siam numerous times,
the last invasion taking place in 1821.
The field which was torched by the farmers is still known a
Beras Terbakar [BurntRice].
Only at the end of the 20th century, after 7 generations have passed,
did Langkawi start to prosper as a tourist destination.
The descendants of Mahsuri continue to live in Phuket Thailand.
& have on an occasion returned to Langkawi to visit her tomb.
Among them was Sirintra Yayee(ศิรินทรา ยายี) 
a.k.a. Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi
who came into spotlight during her visit to Kedah in 2000.

More shopping after that..
Tongkat Ali~ xD
Reached home with a SUPER MASSIVE migraine.
 Fucking annoying. No clue why..
Bbq that night..
Went home to bathe 1st but stoned all the while..
Plus my mum's phone call along with the bad news..
Damnit. Felt a lil better with panadols.
Finished the batik painting..
Lepak at the guys' place..
Before they said that we have to move outside
because the people inside need their sleep.
Pulled out a couple of chairs & unfold a table.
Starting to look like a coffee shop. haha!

So i joked..
"Abg kopi satu!!"
but the dude took my joke seriously. -.- haha!
Mann helped me finish my coffee before disappearing with Fauzi to zzz.
Fyeeqa, Me, Atin, Syafiq sumerhh stayed out till o451hrs.
Reached home at o455hrs.
Got squeezed in by 2 monster sleepers. zzz

The elders warned us to wake up on time but they ended up sleeping in.

Will continue Pt.3 tomorrow..
Currently At Baby's house! hha~ =)
So tired ytd i fell asleep..
Now they're discussing countdown plans.. ^^V

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:15 PM

Dec 30, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
Langkawi trip in pt. form. =)

Dear diary,, Thurs-dayy*30121o* .

im at a chalet.. &.. i'm.. 

So well.. Day 1 [23121o] :

Meet at Fad's hse.
Wait for hours..
Finally met the others at Lot1.
Head to Marsiling. 
Ride a bus to Kranji.
Then to JbSentral.
Very rude fcuks. Degil nk mmpos.
Dinner at chinese food restaurant.

Met up with more people..
 Finally got on the 1st class bus to Langkawi.
Loads of pitstops, ciggies & dusky snacks. xD

12hrs sia!! Gerek pe? haha~ Nutty on the bus.

Day 2 [24121o]:

Still on the bus fuck.
Finally at kedah, waited at a restaurant, pictures~
Finally on the Ferry, more pictures, zzz.
Rode a taxi van to the place we'll be sleeping.
Ohh GOD the room was PINK. -.-
After that.. mm..
Tompang Motor.. Rubber plantation.
Then back by car..
There's an online cafe there! O.o
Drew something for batik painting.
Didn't have time to complete it.
Then.. Shopping?
At @.. pasar mlm?
ahaha~ Fried twirly potato thingy.. Yummie!!~
Our room was freakin' cold.
Lepak at the guys' place & dyed our hair.
Talked crap..
watched GossipGirl till 4.

Kechohh place. Love the hammock~ xD

LAN Cafe:
1hr 1.5o RM
1/2 o.8o RM

Day 3 [25121o]:

Woke up.. Got ready to headed to the BEACH!!~
Rode the jetski like FREAKIN' FAST. xD
Wanted to try ParaSailing buuuut~
We didn't have time.
Fun siol~ wanna buy one.
Then.. still wet, headed to the waterfalls.
No joke.
My positioning was super bad. In the middle of Hakeem & Fatin.
So when we played games i kept getting splashed everytime they lost. -.- 

Took a lot of pictures at the giant eagle statue.
HOURS WORTH. -.-Ice cream!!~
Naik motor~ EPIC FAIL.
"Karaoke" More like CONCERT. -.-
Adoii.. budak kampung.. =)
Gossip girl till 4! again. xP


Will continue Pt.2 tomorrow..
Currently At DowntownEast's CostaSands Chalet with the replugios! =)
o53ohrs: Very tired now..
i think imma sleep. ^^V

Talking to stars.


SyidahAinVeeJr.; 5:34 AM

Dec 29, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
Full-fledged Experience. ;)

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*29121o* .

harharhar!!~ guess who's baaack?

Not gonna blog about the trip yet. LAZY.
Tomorrow i guess.. =) maybe.
EXTENDED vacation.
We met some obstacles along the way but you know what they say~

After a hurricane, comes a rainbow. -Katy Perry 

Anyway~ Meet the crew 1st. xD
Had a SUPER SICK time with..
Girls: Fatin, Wani, Fyeqa, Kak ika & Kak Radh.
Guys: Syafiq*ehk.. lelaki keee~?*, Rahman, Fad, Faqar, Hakeem, Fauzi.

Hahaha!!~ Main2 kaw~ xP
Kechohh pe?
sakit kuat satu2. ahaha!!~
i think i can~ can ape? ntah.

But wait, one last thing..
i can't get rid of the occasional Kedah Accent popping out..

Talking to stars.


SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:23 AM

Dec 27, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
Saying goodbye to a million stars..
stabbed a million times.

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*26121o* .


Before i head to Langkawi..
i grabbed everything, crushed it & threw it aside..
All i had was fun & i could remember nothing or no one here.
im having the best days of my life.

Then suddenly tomorrow is the last day before we head back.
awoken from this slumber by a phone call from mum.
i received bad news.
& now im forced to pick up the trash i threw aside.

Thinking about Sg.. i realise,
i don't want to go back.
It doesn't feel like home anymore.
& i swear i'm feeling threatened, tormented & sad now..

Talking to stars.


SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:07 AM

Dec 23, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
See you when i see you. =)

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy*23121o* .

Langkawi Langkawi LANGKAWI !!~
23rd-27th Dec

Merry Advanced Christmas Panda.

This is if i don't really have the time to blog tomorrow before i leave..
& if i do.. i'll just have to update! xD 
Time check : 1o mins to o1oohrs.

i swear my raw, wild, bulgar, bobcat, boyish personality is
coming back out again..
More vulgarities & attitude.
Guess it's coz i've been holding so many things in till now.
in 2o1o there was this voice in my head saying..
"I don't care x2.. it doesn't matter.. i don't need this.." 
these days it sounds more like..
"I don't give a fcuk. You don't matter. Screw you.
ShutTheFuckUp before i do something to you."

No. Not just to one person.
Numerous people on occasions my patience is shortlived.
i'll fix that on the trip. 
well.. what i heard from Fad is that we're gonna stay
offshore MY but at a decent resort/chalet environment.=/
Somewhat his exact words. So.. yeah. uhuh.
Updates tomorrow.. probably.
Yet to finish packing FYI.

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:04 AM

Dec 22, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
pack pack pack!!~

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*22121o* .

Heading to Langkawi tomorrow!!~
23rd-27th Dec

the excitement just came rushing out all of a sudden. xD
honestly can't wait!!~
gtg reach JurongPt. in an hr to pick something up.
also some last min shopping for all the missing stuffs. 

kyaa!!~ hahahaha~
banana boat!!~
i hope i don't get tanned AGAIN. -.-
but i wanna swim.. ='( tch! who cares. ^^V

nanti complain. -.-

Had a chat with Kak Ika earlier on..
"No swimming for you young lady!"

ohh tidaaaak~ ='(
haha! no way man!
i CAN.. & i WILL.
*Victory song in the background* 

Meanwhile @ pizza hut..
yayy~~ ate pizza just now!!~ \m/

can't say the same for yaya of coz.. =/
the only girl in my world who hates pizza.
pishh poshh~ 

Vee will be ready & out by 1pm.
meeting them at 2.
heading to Langkawi at God knows what time..
& hopefully say goodbye to some leftover "feelings & emotions" shit.

a whole week away from it all..
do my best not to think about anything.

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:49 PM

Dec 21, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Tues-dayy*21121o* .


 i rollerblading.
nuff said.

 Dear Mr M. ,
This is the fullstop we've all been waiting for.

" . "

see it??

so anyways..
there's this girl in my sec sch.
& she looks like a skaterboy who looks like a girl.
& GAWD is she Adorable!!~

Ahahaha~ seriously. No kidding. i could stare at her all day..
If you wanna fall for me you'd have to put up with
a bootch who loves looking at girls
& have guy gay partners 24/7.

even if you can..
i won't let you.

Sacrifices must be made..
had to let him go to be polite to you.
Stay tuned.

Talking to stars.

Yes. i know im ugly as fuck.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:37 PM

Dec 20, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
Tweet: #Things i miss.
Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*2o121o* .


Currently at South with Liyana..
Daniel left about an hour ago..
i think. =/
Haishh~ business here.. marketing there.. -.-

So i woke up like..

okay.. not as cute as that but yeah.. -.-zZz
Ohh MY GAWD!!~ isn't she CUTE?!?!?!
ohh~ kayy.. anyways~ yeah.. after rolling around in bed..

Got ready, had breakfast & headed to sch to return the Mac 1st Gen to RPRC.
Then i made my way to Funan. Eyes still.. =_=zzz
& yeah.. Now i'm in sch. Again. Yaaayy~
hmm.. what is.. Life? exactly.

haha! kayy enough of that.

Updates later..
Stay tuned.

2340hrs: typing out earlychildhood documents again. 
no more hp for a while.. 

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:22 PM

Dec 19, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*19121o* .

Kinda wish random things would STOP happening to me.

So there i was, working..
When my hp batt went flat on me.
Thus came charging..
& landing myself into an irreversible situation.

I keep finding myself facing the weirdest possible scenarios.
& the outcomes are just so vexing sometimes.
So now all i have is my sim & memory card.

Text if necessary.
I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.
Definitely will check at the start & end of the day..
& maybe find ways to get the messages.

Intervals in between replies is uncertain & will fluctuate. ^^V

Annoying people. haha!
Saw ChinHong, Alice & JiaHui again. Met Justin.
CH keeps picking on me. ='( hha! Arse.

You win some.. You lose some..
I'm gettin' my lappie back from servicing tomorrow.
So imma send the Mac back to RPRC after the Entrprnrshp meet up.
So no phone.. but at least i've got my lappie back! ^^V

So i try to stay away.
& i try to suck it up like a MAN. LoL
& i smile & do my best to get over it.. or act like i did.
& you show me that you don't give a fuck either.

& we live our lives with the ltd time we have left.
& soon you'll be gone.
See you again?
Doubt it.

Yeah.. i feel like i can't live without you.
But sooner or later i have to.
& you do a good job at keeping away.
The only problem is once in a while you keep coming back.

I NEED to paint one of these days.

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:08 PM

Dec 18, 2010:Tick Tock Tick Tock Time's running out and away from us..

♥LaLa Land™
Time warp.
Dear diary,, Sat-dayy*18121o* .

back early from work.
Cramps were stabbing me to tears.

Thought the manager at Bugis EpiCentre was chinese.. 
Turns out he was Malay.. Super nice guy..
He & my other colleagues were all genuinely worried.
& the pain wasn't something to joke about.

To the audience..
Help me out for a while..
Just an experiment..
It would only take a minute.

Close your eyes for a sec.
So i would like to ask you something..
Keep your eyes closed.. but let you mind wander..
No peeking. No Fibbing. The whole truth & nothing but.

Darling what's your name..?
 & what's mine..? think about it for a sec.
Now i want you to recall all the memories you've had..
Past.. Present.. also the future..

Now look back..
This time.. retrieve the memories with me.
Why are you laughing? must've done something stupid there.
haha. Alright that's enough messing around..

Now take it away.

take it ALL away.
Take me away from those memories.
Erase everything & leave no traces.

How do i effect your life..?
Is my importance that negligent?
Does it really matter if i was there..?

Because life, i find..
is very fragile..
& God might just pull my soul away..
switch the lights off.

I had to say this before anything happens.
Just like how someone exited the universe without informing me.
We're only running out of time..
& closer to "The End".

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 8:47 PM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪