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Sep 30, 2011:Hopefully; in all honesty.

Replug takes a step forward.

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *3oo911*.

September's Sanctuary.
A pat in the back for Replug internals ytd. =)
Not because the internals were spectacular.

But because we are all slowly discovering what is needed to be done.
We can't continue to stay stagnant & rely on the glory days.
& yesterday made that evident. Keep our noses on the ground.
Keep going forward to find the best in ourselves. Even then..

Search some more.

So far when I blogged, it was always about finding my love back for keys.
Now, I've found my love back for my Replugios & wanting my own spot.
Loving not the sound of your own beat but the drumline itself.
Learn a thing or two. & keep learning people.

Personally I'd always have a "favourite band" when comes every internals.
This time it was Liyana's band.  ^^ Taking Liyana's petite build into account.
Seriously Ahmad's idea of using the glockenspiels was Epic Genius!

Coz it fitted Liyana perfectly. Like a musicbox. Everyone couldn't deny that.

If she recorded the songs into an album I'd buy it no doubt.

Ro said "Hey! Let's try a new song." =)
I say hey~ go for it. But we need the commitment & initiative.
You guys can't keep coming late seriously!
Time is of the essence. Time is just plain valuable.

Well that's it for Replug. School is starting pretty soon..
Too soon; i might add.
But hey; who doesn't think so?
Problem is; getting my laptop fixed in time.

Also; getting my schedules arranged for work.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:43 PM

Sep 26, 2011:Good day.

All's well.

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *26o911*.

September's Sanctuary.
Truly. All's well today. =)
Adidas job interview at noon.

RT @himynameisromeo: Had a Good day with @LiLMissVee93
Honest one to one talks, perceptions, bisexuality, NPH, cannibalism
and my awesomeness. Heh, thank you..
- I don't recall mentioning anything about Awesome-ness.


Met up for lunch @KFC before heading to Iluma.
As expected, Hafies Boy Paitau ditched us for his friends.
& we took a lil' walk. This Singaporean damn kiasu.
Go take picture of an overturned yacht.

Just the usual walking around. MiMi the lazy arse.
"Don't make me exercise. I can't lose more weight." -.-
Converting 'S's to 'Sh's. Can't even shpeak properly you shtupid ahh!

Forgot that he hasn't seen the light show. I've seen it too many times.

Bubbles. Never gets old.

Tebiat. & later on you'll see an insane headless man horse-manning.
I still call it planking though. =/ Hahaha! Wanna throw him off the jetty.
Then we had Ice cream before heading home. xD Die zombie!
I scream~ you scream~ we all scream for Ice cream!!

& dude? No touchey2 moi cigarette box anymore.
Ju suis pas happy. Non happy at all. Hahaha.
Next time I smack you uhh! SMACK.
Lastly.. If Mimi stood beside Barney Stinson he'd look like the girlfriend. xD

p.s. Zombie Apocalypse. ;)




SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:22 PM

:Amazed it's still September.

All's well.

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *26o911*.

September's Sanctuary.


Le cœur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point. On le sent en mille choses.
The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know. We feel it in a thousand things.
- Blaise Pascal.

Done talking too much.
In this usual state of mental turmoil.
Life is.. when 'living the moment'; exciting.
& then it goes all 'way back to mundane. Nothing-ness.

Subtle void.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 4:14 AM

Sep 20, 2011:Nobody had it easy.

All's well. =)

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *2oo911*.

September's Sanctuary.
But all the better to think that.

Thinking it as such will make it so. I hope.
Statistically, the probability of any of us being here is so small that the mere fact

of our existence should keep us all in a state of contented dezzlement.
- Lewis Thomas.

& again, where do i go from here?
I lost my way once more. They've let go of my hand.
Am I really that useless? I practiced hard. No mistakes.
Still a long way to go; or a roadblock? The opt. of changing direction. Always there.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 8:16 PM

Sep 19, 2011:Valletta Twilight

With a passion.

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *19o911*.

September's Sanctuary.
Beginning to think..
'might leave this world without achieving anything.

Damn if my life was a movie I think the viewers would hate the ending.
Super anti-climax. & the most interesting scenes aren't that interesting.

Well~ what have you been up to Vee 1?
Oh the same thing as you Vee 2. =)

Hari Raya House Visiting~
Jyeahh. & so we broke a lot of glasses. ^^
Hahaha~ & we had a load of fun. Really we did.
On 15th was with the Fajarians & 16th with Replugios.


Replug Raya '11.

& ytd I had to help out at POSB Kids Run at EastCoastPark.
Reporting time was by 11pm on the 17th. Met up with the girls at Bedok Int.
Funny story really. Met a random person who is kinda stalker-ish.

But hey! He paid for our cabfare! Hehehe~ ^^ Poor Ami.

Long story short? Met a lot of awesome, funny kids.
The event was tiring & i felt the heaviness after my work was done.
That is when me & Ami & the rest decided to hang at the Baggage area.

Because I was sitting down, blood flowed slower & made me sleepy.

Had lunch at Parkway Parade & got on a super long bus ride.
Bus 15. Heading for PasirRis. I had my soul slowly sucked out.
Especially knowing that I have to get home to bathe & get ready.
My house is at the other end of Sg & I'm due back at PasirRis in 2 hrs.

I was there! But i friggin' had to travel back & forth.
So naturally I was late. & super shagged.
Fun listening to the Replugios.
But I was still lagging though. SuperStoned & couldn't take it. Cabbed home.

& i shall not go into details about the disappointment i feel right now.
I worked hard.
Sadly that's all I can afford to say.
One man's trash is another man's treasure.

p.s.Even in the end. Always & forever.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:50 PM

Sep 14, 2011:Smurf. -.-

Ohh La La~

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *13o911*.

September's Sanctuary.
Oui Oui! We haddu fun today oui?
Halo my friendz~ It's a been long no? Hha. Okay stop.

So hey~ been a couple' a days since I last posted.
& i know today's post will be about an obnoxious guy who..

is full of himself & will only read & reread posts about him &..
Hahaha~ well he's not all bad.. to be honest he's OWEsome. =P

Very strong & good at keeping it together. DarDaaaaaaaar~
There to cheer me up on my worst days without trying. My LaughingGas.
For whom[ vexed to say] will be pleased with himself after having read this.
In other words? A ball/dick-less hamster. xD _|_

Here's DarDar having Alien syndrome. Slap his own face. -.-

Had lunch/a late breakfast before we headed to get tickets for Smurf 3D.
Then we headed to the beach to kill some time! Take a breather.
Today I witness a ceremonial burning of a love letter. I'm honoured.

Really I am. Mind you I didn't talk him into it. Gave him time to think 'bout it.

 Shy my arse. -.- Who covers their face lyddat?

'Stay with me till i get old. Coz we ne'er awkward & i need a place..
where I seriously don't have to give a damn about looking glam.'
Nice talk. Nothing so emo. Feel good. What I've learnt? E'r1 wants..

Some1 to care but when someone says "Dude I'm always gon' be here for you.."

We just.. can't. You know?
What's the word.. trust? Accept? Not the right time.
Humans.. Sadistic. Masochistic. They secretly enjoy being engulfed in pain.
Eeeghh. Hahaha. Me no understand even myself.

When the time comes.. we'll stumble & stuff. But we'll make it in the end.


SMURFS 3D!!~ So cute!!
I like the evil cat. Nyahaha~ The laugh~
I smurf you. _|_ =)


Sad my battery didn't last.
Could've take pic together with our 3D glasses on.

p.s. lucky no wall-'a-shame for you babe. Hahaha.
See? I so nice.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:15 AM

Sep 8, 2011:


Dear diary,, Thur-dayy *o8o911*.

September's Sanctuary.
Found one of my diaries in my brother's room.
Uh'oh. =O Using my recollections for your self-improvement?

So that made me dig out the others.
Reminiscing time~ =)

I love to jot down dates.
So that makes tracing back the days very easy.

When I was in Sec sch.......
Naughty2 girl.
Nostalgic. No?

But i was often sick.
2 weeks of mc somewhere in the O' lvl final year period.
A lot of realisation in secondary school.

Started being very thought-full.

See how much I loved my keys?
I loved a lot of things back then.
Started drawing portraits some days prior to my birthday.
Oh nostalgia & melancholy.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 8:12 PM


Throw a page out.

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy *o7o911*.

September's Sanctuary.
Yeah. I know. Super late post.
I got sleepy last night. Hahahaha~ Seriously. -.-

Well~ I had Jemput-jemput for breakfast! Hehe~
Today i mean. Thursday. Fry fry fry~~ =D

Wokayy dokayy~ ^^ back to the flashbacks.
I got lazy. Woke up a lil' late & got ready to head over to Fizah's.

There's only so much you can do in heels going 0.25km/hr.
Oh the perks of being a girl. Fcuked up lil' creatures.
Why the hell for? Invent heels? It even causes height defects!!
I bet it's a conspiracy. To get all the girls to become permanently short.

More customers? More heels sales & productions.

Reached her house only to see her still undressed
& only putting on her base eyeshadow.
Oh dear.. It's gonna take a while before we get out of the house.

Just like the day before.. & i thought i was late.

Had time to iron a shirt i borrowed, read comics,
annoy the fargg out of Amin, sew my button back on..
Well let's just say it's nice slacking a lil' while longer.
Oh the torture of putting on those heels again.

1st house was Alif's. Bukit Batok. Yay for 157.
Straight bus. Long walk. Oh fargg~ But the group was awesome.
Hehehe~ Retarded arseholes. Me love. Picturezz!!~
Banyak suap sini, suap sana~ Haiyaa~

My last house was Mira's. Since she lived at BktPanjang 223.
Oh what luck coz I have practice at 173o at Cheng's across the st.
Since a lot of people are late, i could stay a lil' longer at Mira's.
Then i put on my turbo heels & zoomed across at the speed of light.


No. Not really.

Happy. At least I learned the whole song.
We practiced 'Yesterday' by the Beatles. I like it. =)
Leave it to Cheng to pull together all the augmented chords.
Not gonna slack. Shall practice a lot & tighten everything.

Not to mention handle my nerves. I don't wanna black out.
I seriously get nervous when it comes to keys.
I never got nervous for dance. =/
Haiya.. but that was a long time ago. Now I'm as stiff as a twig.

" But you still love music don't you? -John
" Relax ahh Vee. Gotta chill & make love to the piano. - Cheng & Danny.
Haha. Arseholes. Constantly raping the freakin' piano. -.-
But yeah.. ._. I work better with them telling me it's okay..

Piano isn't about gettin' it perfect or being the best. 's about making it sing.
That's why I can play well without audience, but blank out if I feel gazed at.

Don't think about the pressure. Don't stress yourself out.
Think about why you even thought yourself in the 1st place..

Where is the love? Where has it gone?
Dinner with 2 silly boys & their constant talk about NS, ManUtd & bellsprouts.
Hahahaha!!~ Had an awesome day. Happy with the progress I've made.
But again, like i said.. I won't slack off. Gg my secret place to practice.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:41 PM

Sep 7, 2011:

Paws out.

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *o6o911*.

September's Sanctuary.
Like, hi guys. UncleJuJu my invigilator made me spend $$ on cab.
Yeah.. i was late so i panicked. But he was even more tardy.

Aiyoo~ enter the room wish SelamatHariRaya.
You think funny uhh huh??

Asked you to gimmehh GreenPacket you went "Hehe~ ^^
What Hehe2?? Still nehh gimmehh. ='<

Had time to take pics while waiting for TardyMcTardyPants.

Hahaha! The most random things happen to me.
I met 2 letter 'J's today. xD
Super random awesome. =)
1st one was John. Met him at the piano. He was playing his songs.

Played a couple of songs & left to get snacks at 7eleven.
Ended up bumping into him again outside.
Asked me where I was goin'. Said Tampines.

Coincidently.. him too. =/

Asked me if I smoked. Offered me ciggies.
& we talked all about music otw to CWP.
Lots of similarities. =) Added him up on fb & he saved my digits.
Dropped off & said our goodbyes & i made my way to DaDa's.

Irritating girl didn't tell me HQ was closed because the place was busy.
Went all the way to Tamp, didn't make it to CityHall & changed course.
Set sails to Jurong. Urghh. Queasy on the train. Gastric on empty stomach.
That's where I met the 2nd J!!

He's 14 mths old! Bright kid. xD
Can't see well from the picture but he has the best set of greyish-blue eyes!
Oh & he has dimples! Rosy cheeks & the longest set of brown eyelashes~

He sure looooves his milk! It's like drinking coke for him.
He'll go 'ahh!' in satisfaction. He's so cute!

Here's Jason getting distracted by DaDa's 'gween bh-bh-bhwear'!
The face he makes when daddy pulls out his pacifier. Leaving his tongue out.

Ate lunch at  KFC before heading to JYC.
Ahmad sure had fun teaching us the dance steps for 'One in a million.
Trust me, 'was fun. Loads! ^^ Kechoh TTM having so many people.
Then thinking of the choreography. Hahaha!

ArRasyid dangdut pecah sia. HAHA!!
Ahmad has no curves to be Vogue-alicious.
We proved that just now.. & finally saw Shazri after so long.
So he thought I was in a relationship with Jace during & after Vietnam. =/
No wonder he silenced off. LoL!

He's my lovely sis Ahmanda.
Saggy boobzz!! Omg. =O
HAHAHAHA!! The whole day was really a lot of fun. =)

Ahmad distracted the WushuKids showing 'em the butterfly, flag & bboy steps.

The guys made rockets & bombs..
played with sparklers & blew up WP. Hahh!
Guys chasing after Shaz to try & pull his pants down.
Man that was Epic. They literally ran the whole neighbourhood.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:04 AM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪