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Apr 27, 2012:A day in a life of Oak3 Films

Mina a Salam Hotel in Dubai. 

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *27o412*.

à cheval April. 
Just got back from Mediacorp;
Needed to get the contract & trailer tapes for Jalan season V.

So far so good.. I've received a lot of experience thus far.
Not only in my field; but a variety. I've even learn a lot about sports & history too.
Hahaha~ Seriously. Even information you don't get from google. Straight from the historian's
mouth. Things about the very essence of the Malay Archipelago & it's links to Taiwan & China.

Believe it or not.
5000 years ago the Chinese were not Chinese and China; not China.
They were tribes & looked quite Malay. =/
Picture.. tibet?

& we the Malays nowadays think that we weren't that established but-
Surprisingly no. =/ We were very. Possibly way more in terms of travelling the world & such.
Trading; hierarchies.. It's just that we don't really jot things down.
Although the Bugis existed long before the term "Malay" & had their own written language.

Okay.. So what I've learnt? The jobs of a Production Coordinator. Quite stressing. =/
But during the shoots itself; everything's awesome. You just have to enjoy yourself. =)
I've also done wardrobe for Goalie. That was uber fun because of the kids. xD
& other small things here & there like transcripts; errands in MediaCorp & buying stuffz.

NTS: Call time this Saturday is at 9am.
1st location's at Jurong KartRight for Opai's go-kart competition;
& 2nd's at Republic Polytechnic floorball hall. Yaayy~

It is truly.. not all fun & games.
I dare say that the old me would have cracked.
No exaggerations in the term "Blood, sweat and tears."
Like hell*pardon me* I'd let them see me cry.

When you've gotten the worst; you're not afraid anymore.
& right now I'm not afraid to die (Literally yes.); not afraid to get scolded; pushed around
; stepped on; given a shitload of work to do. Because it doesn't feel that bad. =)
The things that they gave me responsibility to do.. I can have quite fairly done.
To the best of my capabilities. =)

That's why I love Allah s.w.t. so much. 
Because- come on; honestly.. what's the worst a fellow human can do to you?
Kidnap; torture; bully; beat up; with a weapon; kill; slowly set on fire?
Considering this is Singapore I think the worst would be being stabbed to death.

But then I don't think I've ever done anything to anyone. But if it so happens that way..
I think I'm quite secured. I'm not afraid of death; I'm afraid of the pain. That's Islam.
You have all the information you need to know that what you're following is the truth.So much so that at times.. life feels like an exhausting-ly slow process.

Although I think I've never seen better days before these.
I used to be so insecure & scared & in depression. To which extent you have no idea.
Scared of death; shaken by trials; a crybaby & close to insanity. Maybe've gone past it. =/
Used to stand in the middle of the street & find myself slowing down.
Had my head thinking how it'd feel to collide with the cold metal bumper or stabbed by a cold blade.

Without religion; suicide is really not a problem really.Come on. There's no God right? So if you die; you'll just disappear right?
Then suicide is completely fine if you think your life is so unbearable & just sheer bullshit(sorry).
But what if I said.. yes. The God; The Almighty Lord; He exists. And we have proof.

Will you not consider it?

If you don't; it's not my loss. I can still be friends witchu! ^^ If you want.
If you're not my friend.. my life will still be stable and happy~ ^^
If there's a Hell; as long as I do what is expected & live as a good person, I know I'm safe.
If there's heaven & I've really done a good job then Alhamdulillah.. I just want to avoid hell. =)

Main point here? If you're a good person; you won't get so sensitive & angst-y.
When it comes to faith; you'd discuss with an open mind & accept the best.
If you choose to be angry, you're hurting yourself more don't you think?
I hate feeling angry. It feels like a heartbreak warfare. Like my insides are burning.

All I'm saying is.. the best advice I've gotten is from my unbelieving friend;
"Do more than just live, Vee."
Scientific research shows that you're happiest when you make someone else happy.
It's true. The joy kinda feels like insanity. Hahaha~

p.s. hmm.. that's funny. I intended for this post to only be a reminder of what I did during my internship. I have not done my logbook & I can't sign in to LEO. Oh wellz~



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:05 PM

Apr 23, 2012:Golie Shoot


Dear diary,, Sat-dayy *21o412*.

à cheval April. 
But worth it.

So we finally shot the last episode of Goalie that's airing on Suria Channel.
I had to wake up superbly early & reach the office by o53o a.m.~
Fajr prayers early in the morning in the soundproof room.
Wardrobe; props & equipment ready.. and we headed for Jing Shan Primary.

The amount of things we had to carry.. 2 girls. It's crazy. Honestly.
Friends on twitter saying they envy me. But it really isn't all fun & games.
All of us interns are used as cheap labor in terms of mental; physical & financial shit.
But we're strong. & we're capable. Through blood; sweat & tears. [ I mean it. ]

Even though it's going to take all that we've got.

The thing that got me through the day? The kids & the people.
Like Zulaisha & SriWahyuni.. like the makeup artist.. like the 5 crazy boys.. like the 2 toddlers.
Honestly.. in just a day I've grown super attached to them. I wish I was there sooner.
If I had a little brother..

I was in charge of wardrobe. Considering the lack of experience.. I did good.
I know my efforts. & the shoot went smooth so yeah.. =)
Was talking to the makeup artist aunty & Zulaisha when Danish came around to hear a ghost story.
At the start he seemed shy. But that was so far from the truth. Hahaha!

He's on the extreme right. Danish is a cute kid with an awesome smile. =).
He & his 2 other siblings will appear in next month's issue of Manja Magazine. Grab a copy!
The one in the middle is Firdaus! My favourite annoying AnakMetropolitanWannabe..
This kid is charming in his own way. Though his sound effects are very unneeded.

The 2nd one in this picture is Zul! Quite similar to Firdaus but a tinee winee bit quieter than him.
The 3rd one is.. darn it. I forgot his name. Gahh!! But he keeps lying down everywhere!
And the one at the back is Erfan. He lives near my area. He's in Teck Whye Sec.
& these kids.. are really like kampung boys. Honestly.

See what I mean?!?! 

The boys finding gold....... fish in the pond. In the rain. -.-\m/

Siti Nur Haida & her future-soccer star brother Zulfareez! ^^ 

Delayed by more or less 2 hrs we headed to the 2nd location; Futsal Court at Whitley: Offside.

Poor kid must be dead tired.

This dude looks like a Japanese version of M. Nasir~
He keeps staring at me. GOD!!!~ Putting me on the spot. He never blinks!.
The awkward moment when he'd just stand there & stare at you for hours. Hahaha!

A couple of shoots whose photos I've uploaded to fb but not here. Maybe one day.
The day before we went to the Old Abandoned Yishun Pri Sch where the Super HQ set is
to get some stuff before shopping for cartons of drinks at Kitchener Rd. That was hard labor.
So was this but at least the kids made it easier. ^^V

God knows when or how but at the start it was just me; Danish; Zulaisha & the aunty.
Suddenly all the boys came piling up & crowding around me. Awesome bunch.
Kids are always the best coz at most they'd scream & cry & fight naturally but they still smile in the end.
Adults are just- they have a different intentions in their hearts to what they utter with their tongues.

Ulterior motives.

At the end of the day.. they used random kids to fill the void of missing cast members.
& those kids are too big to be pri sch-ers lololololol. Haiyaaa..
& poor Danish.. He dislocated his wrist at the end. You can see him holding in the pain.
I was basically cringing at his tears. His face got super red. He really was in pain.

Quickly got Fana to get the 1st aid kid but they didn't have any bandages to hold it.
I don't know.. a good day turned a little sour on that part.
Brought the ton of equipment to the office before cabbing home.
Didn't wake up the next morning. Hahaha.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:09 PM

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