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Aug 31, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*31o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Henna with the Westpark girls~ x3
Sent my laptop to Fujitsu.. it'll take about 3 wks for the parts to arrive.

So......... my lappie is still wimmehh.
Haiyaa~ well.. imma continue watching my videos.
Got a ride from Mimie's friend to Little India~
Met up with Fizah & Yanie there. xD

We ate, they were hungry.. so.......
Yanie took a loooong time to eat.
After food, smoked a while.. had some snapshots & finally..


Wee~ heehee! Well actually the main point of the outing was that..
& cheering Mimie up after some drama.
A couple of days ago I've been there done that.
No doubt knowing emotional me I'll be there again..

But that's where our babes come in right?
We be there for each other.
Stick it through thick & thin. Laughter & tears together.
& I hope you'd know.. I'm always here if you ever need me.

So me, Dada, Mimie & Yanie had matching designs.
Fizah didn't like the smell. Hahaha~
Headed to Bkt Timah for Karaoke sess.
Screaming sess, laughing sess, whatevchumacallit.

The post sounds rushed but..
We had a real good time.
Hoping this lasts..
& that we can all chill out~

Photos up soon girls?



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:51 PM


♥LaLa Land™
1st day of Raya.

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*3oo811* .

Azan inAugust.
Heeheehee~ xP
So many people I haven't seen in so long....

Time changes people.

Mama & Abg.

Me & my bro.
The best haircut he has is when he hasn't any hair at all.
Everyone has agreed to that. Hahahahaha!!~
Sent him off at PSR int ytd at 21oohrs.

My cousins, nieces & nephews are all grown up already!
Like it was only yesterday we were running around playing catching.
Or hanging out somewhere talking about things & fooling around.
I remember 3 lil' boys who use to be the same size & always talked about cars.

The cat who dreams of being a fish.

Bell-ie!!~ In the launry basket.

Now one's super tall & taking PSLE, one's super huge & one's super cute. ^^
What I'd give to dress up like a guy & look simply dashing.
Guys don't have to try hard. No make up.. no monster heels. Urghh.
Other than physical strength-related shitzz.. I find a guy's life very appealing.

& I've been thinking..
you know it's not the looks that make people attractive.
The people I find attractive might not be in the "World's hottest list.
But there's just something about them.. personality? Sense of humour?

Hahaha!!~ Omg my face.
See Yan over there?
She's damn pretty.
But they had to force her to put on make up.

This is us a couple of years ago.
My tarian days.
Looong over. Thank you very much.

& cool. Mum's like completely fine with finding my ciggy stash.
Not like she didn't know I used to.. & I knew she'd find out soon.
'was asleep when she rummaged through my bag for powder.

"Adik you smoke?? -Me: *mumble2~ zzz.

Mama: *mumble~ gets out of room.
'part of me had this feeling she knew somethin' coz of the smell in my room.
A part of me expected something else & braced myself.
She never fails to surprise me.

She gets angry over all the tiny unreasonable stuffzz..
& when it comes to this? She's completely fine with it. Shrugs it off.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:09 AM

Aug 29, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*29o811* .

Azan inAugust.
There's just something about today..
that steals the oxygen from the air.

My heart hurts a lot.
Like I'm losing something again.
Just for tonight I'll let myself go.
Just for tonight I won't till my head back & hold it in.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Kepada semua umat Islam & also my friends.
Thank you Edward & JunFa for trying to fast.
You guys are the sweetest.

I seek forgiveness today more than usual..
for anything that I could have possibly done.
To my sem 1 classmates.. I did love you guys a lot then & now regardless.
Sem 2 classmates.. Crazy people.. haha. Yr2 Sem1.. the best bunch of kids.

To the people I deem important.. people who always stuck by me.
Yaya, Nisa & Lily for tolerating my rants & hanging out with me.
To the awesome kids.. hopefully this year's holiday...............

To the bls & my family. May God bless us.

The foes people i had disagreements with.
Forgive me. I tend to get over-emotional.
To myself. Stop beating yourself up. Stop being so insecure.
Ya Allah.. maafkan Ain jikalau ibadah Ain tidak menukupi.

I'm never a saint.
I can only do so much as to remind myself over & over.
I'm a teenager too. Lazy as hell. Sometimes have to force myself to move.
But I'm not gonna stop trying. Maybe one day all these will come easy.

Ya Allah.. 
help me meet someone who can steer me straight.
Ibadah yang ditunaikan akan dijalankan bersama.

I won't do it for him.. but we'll motivate each other to do it together.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 8:14 PM


♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*28o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Didn't take me long.
I fouuuunnddd it~xD


List of Ciggies to look out for.

Need to change my Credit to Master card soon.
So anyways,, 've been cleaning the house.
I'm sick & tomorrow's the last UT.
Drawing. Need to hit the hay early.. but....................

Hahaha~ The highlight of the season.
Damn awesome kickstart to the play.
But they shouldn't let their guard down.
Epic win by the Red Devils v Arsenal tonight.

& gawshh it feels so bittersweet.
1 more day baby. Last day..
No more excuses to have dinner with friends regardless of race.
No more warmth in knowing "We're together in this. We suffer as one.


Let's give a thought to the ones whom have passed, the ones we've lost
and appreciate what we have now for the last Sahur later on.

Tomorrow khas utk aruah Mama Lin, Kak Ika.. & bintang. Amin..



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:40 AM

Aug 28, 2011:Let's lose our heads the proper way.

♥LaLa Land™
Alright. I've got more crazy ideas up my sleeve!

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy*27o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Ready for it?
Well you better be coz it's coming atchuu since you're here. ^^

This is me. I always loved experimenting on things we can do!
So here's something to look out for. Let's....................
Make lists. Monthly. Of the things we Wanna do. Could do.
Maybe even things we Shouldn't do but we'll do it anyway.

Word of caution dudes & chicks? Imma pull some of you down wimmehh.
For some of the things......... Others? I'll gladly lose sanity alone. xD
These lists, once created.. should be seen through till the end.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:17 AM

Aug 27, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™
Plant bombing.

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy*26o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Jyeahh. Imma dominate the world with these plantbombzz.
Hahaha. Fcuking stoned is what i say.

Jyeahh well~ UT. hmm.. last minute note transfer from SqueakyToy.
Had UT venue with SqueakyToyElaine, Darvin & Daniel Siaaa.
Hahahaha. They can effing smoke before UT? Daniel & Karthik.
Well.. whatever makes you happy guys~ ^^

Had to rush to town after that. Hate MRT rides.
Rather take the bus or somethin'. With seats of course.
Long time no see beetchezz!!~ Hahaha.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 2:41 AM

Aug 25, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™
Bonjour mes chéris!~

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy*25o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Hehehe~ It rained today. Had fun with ma Cherie.
Was in class with Cher, Clayton, ZhenXin, Aufa, AtinRsg, FarahAmirah.

A lot? Jyeahh.
I've been very lucky these days..
But I still haven't found a UT buddy for tomorrow.
W26Q anyone?? Hahahaha~ Ohh well~ Can live without one.

I think I'd make a good boyfriend. Hahahahaha!!
I've been taking care of Cher all day longg~
She had super bad cramps just now.

Oh yeah.. & i forgot to take the ring from Herlmi(Amy) again today.
Tweeted that & Sham went "OMG!!! ARE YOU GONNA PROPOSE!?!?!?XP
RT @Me: Yeah. Amy proposed by saying "I'm in lesbians with you."
Sham you got too much free time issit?


Wow. Amy's gonna kill me for this. Hahahaha~
Kak Li menyampok je tahu.
Hahahaha! This is seriously Hilariously Epic Fail Shit.

F,ML is revolving too much around Twitter already. Hahahaha!

Oh yeah! Almost forgot..
Nice seeing my polarbear right before UT.
Yealah2. J is an awesome class lah Jace. -.-



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 9:57 PM

Aug 24, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy .

Azan inAugust.
Anakdara syurga.

'Trust your heart if the seas catch fire,
live by love though the stars walk backward

-E.E. Cummings



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 5:41 PM

:This time last year.

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*24o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Read your blog.
Ouch. But yeah.. maybe.

I've lost you once.
I can lose you again..
Or maybe I never found you.

"an epic of time wasted
it was not meant to be...the line has been blurred."

Hahaha~ ok tak tak. Hurts a lot though..
But that's just it. Haven't even seen you for so long.
No more moves up my sleeves.. tried.

Rewind, refresh.
I don't wanna let go.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:47 PM


♥LaLa Land™
Self-inflicted drama. -.-

Dear diary,, Tues-dayy*23o811* .

Azan inAugust.
I didn't take UT today.
So angsty just now. My stoning level has hit the roof.

Seriously.. omg i felt so toot this morning wasting cabfare.
Retarded. Intended to take the bus but stoned all the way to the MRT.
i see my long lost cousin has finally decided to drop by & say hi.
Gurl where' you been??

Sleeping pills for the sleepy lady. =)
Makes sense? Noooooooo~ xD
Awesome weather we havin'.
 Break fast at Banquet~ Roti prataaaa~ Hahahaha!
RT @Reydiculous : Productive guitar night with @LiLMissVee93 =D
Explored a lot of songs, old classics & the genres we love! xD
So that this time...... it won't go missing again. -.-

Anyways~ had a fun night really.
Planned our budget & brainstormed on ideas for the  trip to Sunway Lagoon.
Something bout transportations, hotels & her sis workin' for an MY travel comp.
Hoping to save up fast & go this year. Excited & hopeful. xD

p.s. i love people with smokey voices. No idea why. Cute kid. ^^
& sorry peepz. I plead temporary insanity earlier this afternoon.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:46 AM

Aug 23, 2011:The density of this fatigue weighing on my shoulders.

♥LaLa Land™
So tireddd~ D'=

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*22o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Omg late late late post.
1 down, 4 to go. Let's go babies!

Haven't any sleep at all..
us brave souls marched to the examination room..
Late for UT so cabbed down to school. The uncle's so nice! xD

& i seriously like being on the highways early in the morn.

Especially on Nash's motorcycle but it's been a while. =)
Bumped into Jo before class but promised Fit I'd sit with him.
Hahaha!!~ Guess whaaaat? xD RT @Me:

Tbh i was waiting for Fee. She said we'd have a talk after UT.
But that girl.................... omg. I really didn't want to leave school.
Especially since Yaya & Nisa is already in the library at the usual place.
We used to go there often.

Awesome or what???

Finding rubber seeds & playing games before heading back inside before 7.
It was a lot of fun I remember. All the laughs.. but we're alll different now.
As people grow up, they become distant, they change, they're different.
Isn't it sad? The faces closes to you then, so out of reach now..

MacDonald's break fast. =)
Oh my God. I was damn exhausted.
Couldn't keep my eyes open waiting for my bus.
& it sure took it's time too. Fainted on my bed right after I washed up.

Shouldn't have though.. I wanted to talk to you.

(12:23)-(1:44) Now you're prolly asleep.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 2:22 AM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪