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Jul 19, 2010:Classy.. =3

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *19o71o* .

continuation with today's activity updates.
Topic for formal class today?

Yes. big boss*faci* approved.
A cat went for a job interview.

today i've learnt that suits,
jackets & shoulder pads does things to a girl.
More mature, confident.. Lady boss. ;)
my classmate.
Surprised me.. her potential.

After school followed Nisa & Auda for their "secret prayer place"
.omg the place was charming. Like being in an attic.
So pretty..

ate cookies. omnyom nyom!~

Currently at Insyirah's house listening in
& kpo-ing on their band prac
since my house is only a few blocks away.
1st time I reached ChoaChuKang this early after a long time..
We rode the cab. =D Ronnie pay 1st.

Jerome CUTE!
"I'm gonna make this blue bear feel loved"
(to the blue bear sittin' on Insyirah's bed.)

i reckon imma leave the band to prac alone soon.
& classmates were looking smexy today..♥
especially the rare ones..
dressed to impress.

ok at home now.
guys at our void deck getting on my nerves.
i suddenly have this temptation to rollerblade.
been a while.. but it's gonna rain..
maybe tonight.♥


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