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Jul 19, 2010:Life that overlaps.

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *19o71o* .

formal today.
glad i didn't go with the heels.

yesterday.. went out late.. went home late.
Missed Panda's gig. Sad-ed.
worse.. he rubbed it in. He sang.O.o||
i missed.. THAT! aww man~

anyway.. everyone knows i'm random.
& that when i'm alone too many thoughts run through my mind.
it's been a while since i've written these stuff down.

so i've been wondering a lot about the people around me lately..
How were they like before i met them? When they were kids.
SoMeOnE said Naive & Stupid.

i said "that.. & cute."
but i mean seriously.. Singapore is so small.
SoMeOnE's response: "im feeling very rimas by the fact that sg is puny"
translation: he's not delighted bout it.
i'm sure there must've been days where i walked pass a couple of those people.

i wonder what i would do if at the time..
i knew that i'd meet those people again in the future.
"see you around" i guess i'll mutter to myself.
or maybe.. "i wanna give you a hug before anything happens."

when i look at kids.. infants.. i wonders..
"what will this one see in his/her lifetime..?"
"i hope you'll grow up fine.. happy.. out of trouble.."

always this thing where our timelines are of different largely-varied lengths..
the clocks of life are usually overlapped but not shared.
different timings for entrance..
& different for exits..

why the sudden burst in topic?

things just got me thinking..
or have i already..



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:43 PM

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