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Aug 31, 2010:Negeri Sembilan's monarchy.

♥LaLa Land™ 

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *31o81o* .


been doing some studying..
Not the one i was appointed duty off though.. [UT3 hehehe]

but instead.. about Malaysia's royal rights.
admiration that i have over the rich culture & traditions
that was preserved for hundreds of years.
Their monarchy so very different from the other countries.
Negeri Sembilan's monarchy to be precise.

The humble modesty of the royalty
is something all their loyal subjects would appreciate.
What i admire most is their spectrum of royal candidates & the protocols.

The appointed roles of those who served the king were mostly hereditary. For example, those who were born to keep their rich traditions alive. Passed down from generations to generations. This was how the traditions were kept till now. Of course there were some minor changes made to keep up with the modern times. But the rich culture was so very alive.

& the heir, to the throne..
is not chosen by direct decendants but by a spectrum of possible bloodlines.
meaning the uncles, the brothers, the cousins, the nephews.
& the one given the right to choose was not that of a higher power.

Unlike the hereditary monarchs of the other royal Malay states, the ruler of Negeri Sembilan is known as Yang di-Pertuan Besar instead of Sultan.
The election of the Ruler is also unique whereby he is selected by the council of Undangs who lead the four biggest districts of Sungai Ujong, Jelebu, Johol, and Rembau,
making it one of the more democratic monarchies.

In other words, their ruler is chosen in a way of which
their people of all levels of society will accept.

Also, the current di-Pertuan Besar was raised in a normal environment.
He did not live as royalty & made friends like all the other children.
This allows him to see in the eyes of his people.
So when the role was handed down to him..
He did nothing less but accept it with the wisdom & responsibility of his people.

Here's to hoping the traditions will continue to last..
& the democracy never ending.
To unspoiled royalty & uncorrupted leaders.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 9:23 PM

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