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Sep 6, 2010:..

♥LaLa Land™ 

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy *o6o91o* .


UT3 Cognitive.
my head hurts..
it's been hurting even more..
& it hurt throughout the whole freaking UT.

Go ahead.. move along.
finished the paper early & wanted to hit my head on the table.

sakit hati..
i couldn't stand the small talk.
i just wanted to get today over & done with.

Nothing to read here.
holding back.
dah takleh tahan..
semua nie..
i can't stand this.
nafas dah tak sempurna lagi.

I just need to babble insignificant shits to myself.
kehidupan dah takde arah tujuan.
i'm just stuck.
in too deep all i can think of is out.
any escape i can take.

Walk away.
kehidupan dah penuh khayalan..
i fill my head with dreams because i want to forget reality.
i smile a lot because if i don't i'll cry.
but these days i feel as if if i smile just a little wider
the tears would spill.

Please & thank you.
Hati tak tenang..
Jiwa tak tenteram..
maafkan syidah yang berdo'a agar semua ini akan berakhir tidak lama lagi.

fuck i'm crying again.
no more phone calls this time.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 6:12 PM

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