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Dec 6, 2010:Entangled in stars..

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*o5121o* .


Great. Now that Fad woke me up. =_=
i can't go back to sleep.
supermassive migraines.
i had a weird dream.. again.

supposedly a nightmare but i wasn't scared.
something about sleeping over in a haunted dormitory?
with only 4 other students, a teacher & an assistant.
hp rang while we were running around. ahahaha~

Ohh yeah.. & earlier on in the day..
acted on stage with Yaya & the gang & EdmundChen.
I think he thinks I'm in primary school or something. -.-
Ohh you're so cute! *huggies*
Ahh.. =_=||

It was a hot day~
saw SharBear & KakAna working. x3
bought double cheeseburger but KakAna gave me FREELargeFries!!~
im Lovin' it!~
Last time it was Saiful who gave me a LargeCoke when Marcus bought the Small one.
He was planning on bringing it home with him..
ended up taking a couple of sips & heading home.
nyahaha! sorreh babes! weeheehee!!~
Thought i was over this shit already.
Thought i could really live without his presence anymore.
He's not coming back. He's never coming back. He can't.
But recently.. all the shits popped up.
And in the bus ride home just now all the tears suddenly flowed after the song.
I guess it's because it's been awhile since i fell in love that deeply with someone.
so when someone new comes in to my life & treats me like you do..
The late night outs.. crazy jokes.. laziness..
i start to miss your hugs.. your kisses..
And when my insecurities pops up & tells me he's too good.
& that i don't wanna put up with the pain of loving someone like him..
it's like when i lost you.. permanently.
i wonder.. people with amnesia.. is it really sad?
i mean we don't remember anything so we might as well smile.
it's the people around us who decides whether it's sad.
Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:30 AM

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