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Dec 1, 2010:It's almost the end of the revolution!! nyahaha~

♥LaLa Land™
Let's go clubbing. xD

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*o1121o* .

weee~ =3

Last dayy of UT!!~ xD

Today's been fun.. ^^V
Video recording for our team in CreativeConcept!
The editing tested my abilities but i think i've done my best. =)
Eitherway.. im happy. xP

Entrepreneurship.. PLEASE don't kil me.
*puppy dog pout*
ahh.. i'm getting ready for  W A R .
i'll return after i survive. ='(

ohh yeah!
i had a super O.o dream ytd..
i saw someone across the street..

called out to him, he turned..
somehow he recognised my voice.
then it hit me, i didn't want him to see me.
i hid somewhere among the vehicles in the car park.

i was frantic in trying to stay undetected.
it felt super fucked up.

fucking weird.
i need my pills. woohoo~
i hate these type of dreams..
somehow or rather something has to bring me down.

babe i miss you..
goshh i really do..
miss that i can actually look at you.
miss that i can hold you..
why the hell do you haunt me at the most random times?

Talking to stars..

p.s. im in Everest now~
So cooold~ *brr*



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 3:39 PM

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