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Dec 22, 2010:

♥LaLa Land™
pack pack pack!!~

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*22121o* .

Heading to Langkawi tomorrow!!~
23rd-27th Dec

the excitement just came rushing out all of a sudden. xD
honestly can't wait!!~
gtg reach JurongPt. in an hr to pick something up.
also some last min shopping for all the missing stuffs. 

kyaa!!~ hahahaha~
banana boat!!~
i hope i don't get tanned AGAIN. -.-
but i wanna swim.. ='( tch! who cares. ^^V

nanti complain. -.-

Had a chat with Kak Ika earlier on..
"No swimming for you young lady!"

ohh tidaaaak~ ='(
haha! no way man!
i CAN.. & i WILL.
*Victory song in the background* 

Meanwhile @ pizza hut..
yayy~~ ate pizza just now!!~ \m/

can't say the same for yaya of coz.. =/
the only girl in my world who hates pizza.
pishh poshh~ 

Vee will be ready & out by 1pm.
meeting them at 2.
heading to Langkawi at God knows what time..
& hopefully say goodbye to some leftover "feelings & emotions" shit.

a whole week away from it all..
do my best not to think about anything.

Talking to stars.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:49 PM

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