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Feb 12, 2011:Viewers' discretion is advised.

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,,Sat-dayy*12o211* .

The fever just keeps coming back..

Rejected a lot of invites out today..
Even my mum's hha~
Super heavy rain & thunder in the afternoon huh?
Cool thing.. After i solat Asar.. the sky just seemed to clear up.

So did my heart.
i missed this calm feeling.
whatever you do over there..
Jangan beratkan hati.. it's only for your benefit.

not anyone else's.

I keep having DejaVu's, coincidences, ?foretelling dreams?..
Although it's not that i believe in superstition, i do believe that..
Everything was God's will. & nothing is set in stone. & sometimes..
it's to get yourself prepared for the worst.. Or stop you from being bigheaded..
Good things are all thanks to Allah.
Bad things are lessons to remind & teach us.
Getting lost doesn't mean losing hope.
Finding our way is but a blessing.

p.s. LoL. guys/girls/monsters/aliens
don't have too much fun breaking my hidden secrets.
Just because you're bored, doesn't mean you should come here to see if
i hid anything. -.- haiyooo~

but you won't find EVERYTHING i'm sure. ;)



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 7:25 PM

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