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Feb 15, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*15o211* .

Yayy~ xD

DoubleChocoLatte in the morn!!~
So turns out i didn't lose my hp.
Boo. But i think i'll be changing numbers anyway..

We'll see..
Where's my paaaay?? 
& i am late!
Need to go meet yaya NOW.

& my childhood friend Daniel is joining RP in the same course this April.
His mum was like "Dah agak dorng mesti jumpe nye~ adik beradik.." =/
hmm.. we used to be super close spending everyday together.
then he moved. 

so how now brown cow?
looking forward to this year..
Casper that $%^.
when did he start calling me Adik? -.-


Zaiiieee~ Lambat nye awak~ zzz
hha.. Got my blood sucked out at SATA just now.
Not enough blood running through my brain. Super stone.
Had lunch with yaya & her mum. Super cute hha!

ohh yea.. just now i left UT half an hour earlier.
& bumped into Solha at EsplanadeKaffe.
Haha!!~ Orrhorr~~~~~~~~~~
Then some random but familiar face dtg pat org alehh2 dudok.
"Heyy.. my friend says your hairstyle very cute.
With the hat & all.. see the guy with the pink shirt over there?'
*The dude hid behind his laptop. =/
After he left, me & sol went "Random seyy." hha!



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:06 AM

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