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Aug 22, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™
 Hi. =)

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy*21o811* .

Azan inAugust.
I'm malay. I hate crowded places. Hate. Despise kinda hate.
Spent my time talking to ZanaBabyJr. in Mandarin in a malay populated area.

But i like the sound of the dudes playing kompang on that double decker bus.
Bumped into Mak Nah at Mr Teh Tarik. & that blonde guy.
What's his name. ROFL. Pushed against the cashier & it almost fell.
Dah gitu kacau orang. _|_ Hahahaha. Ph-ph-phaill~

I thought Mak Nah stopped working there? Hmm..
RT @Me:
But expensive. Guess not.

Cute isn't he?

The funny thing is~
Didn't give much of a damn bout what i was gonna wear.
But my aunt~ omg. RT @Me:
So yeah.

Other than @NaanaThaqifah, @RianFeeq was there too.
Sorrehh. Find it easier to use twi'er names. LOL.
Redbull gives you wings!!~ Heehee~
Mehh. Nothing much about today.

'xcept the weird randomness of my aunt givin' mummy elf costumes. =/
Seriously? What's up with that? Hahahahaha!!
Here's a sneak peek!
Me & Nana being idiots heeheehee~

Jyeahh.. I hear the sleighbells ring-a-ling~ Ring ting tingling~

我跟你講 ah!!! -.-
Hahaha. 我的天.. haiya..





SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:50 AM

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