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Aug 16, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*16o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Fiiiiiiqqq~ Don't get angry at me kayy? ='(
Hahs.. can't help going overboard. Hope you feel better.

Anyways~ Had a nice time "study-ing with Fiq just now. =)
Yeah.. well study-ing involves lots of raping laptops.
..... aaaaand~ poking & annoying & so on & so forth.
Irritating arse hijacked both fb & twitter.

Hijacking ph-phail when he tweeted 2 tweets in my other twitter acc.
USS your head ahh. You think i rich issit?!?! hahahahaha~
Though he had a rough night tonight...........
Not sure how he'll take this post.

You know i'm always here if you need me babe.
You heard everything i said otp.
I meant it.

Me is so naiseee~ heehee. Ok2 shuddap.

After studying he had to go for his UT clinic at 4.
I made my way down to JurongEast.
Seriously my classmates are so fickle minded.
Haiyaa~ Break fast outing cancelled then resumed then cancelled.

But it's ohhkaiiyyee~
It was so cool when me & Zai saw each other on the platform.
Then we signaled to go in the empty train.
Then it was like double 'o seven. 

We had time to kill so we took a stroll at the park. 
I like it.. ^^ The park. It wasn't humid at all.
Heehee. I like the rides~ Teletubby hills~
So cute! & God knows what else we did. My head hurts. LoL!

Finally headed to Jurong Safra at about o6+.
ched videos.. Zaini had a massage~
Zaini happily dancing to Moves like Jagger after the massage.
Hahaha~ Whutt? Sad Hanis was closed. I really wanted to eat there.

Ended up eating at KFC.
Then headed to God knows which part of Jurong to look for durians.

Yes. Very random indeed.
Bumped into my adik angkat who was otw home.

God she scared me half to death.
Appearing in front of my face at the traffic light.
I was texting. & some random girl just popped up in my face.
Hahaha! Hung out a while with her, her 2 other god sis & Zai.

Seriously this girl.
What is with her & god siblings?
Even with me it was her idea. Hahaha~
But it was cute when i was boarding the bus.

"Kak nak kiss? -Aww~



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