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Aug 13, 2011:

♥LaLa Land™
How long 's it been..? x3

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy*13o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Saw my bestfriends from Sec Sch.
One of them way back from Pri Sch too~ ^^

Elleen & Joeslyn. xD
Explored the outskirts of our school..
Hasn't changed much.. Wondering about the teachers.
Remember the sweet wide-smiled waffle aunty. From boss to employee.

Her shop was replaced with a 7eleven shop.
But she stayed to work there because of us Fajarians.
Sweet riiiightt? Gawshh i miss her but she works the morning shift.
& the fresh Fajarian batches haven't got anything going for them.

Even the secret park we had through the back alley was gone. =(
I loved going there after school. The place was beautiful.
Completely gone. Torn down now to make way for the mrt.

Man that sucks. There's nothing left there huh..?

Keep imagining about making my dream a reality.
Since we keep passing those mansionettes with terraces.
One that's still in the making. 4 stories high. With a detached pool.
Too big a dream huh.. That cafe.. the coffee smell.. open mics.. well..

Coconut. xP

The crazy girls celebrating my breaking fast. LoL!
Sat by Bukit Panjang CC swimming pool.
Naked fish for break fast! ^^
Had a smoke a while with Elleen. Winston & Next Chill.

Talked about how we were in school.. & when she quit school.
I still think it's wasted because we were in express stream.
Attended beauty school but certain things were too...... open.
Crazy bosses & living life as we get there.


I missed them.. Terribly.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:02 PM

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