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Aug 16, 2011:Last day of Year2 Sem1

♥LaLa Land™
Owhh Gawdd~

Dear diary,, Mon-dayy*15o811* .

Azan inAugust.
Last day of school & i chose to stay a lil' longer in bed.
Because the weather was......... brr~

Seriously freezing so i wrapped my neck with cloth.
So nice & warm & comfy &...... yeah.
Met up with Cherie on the platform.
Urghh. Our shoes became squishy2~

So well.. class started at o915hrs & we reached at 113o+.
I went down to meet Dansen & Nabi at noon.
Mehh.. Funny stories from Danny.
Cherryl was there too! Hahaha~ Your guardian angel!

Omg Marco...... Guardian angel? Seriouslyyy? O.o
Went to go torture myself at Cherryl's class.
She had a ton of cookies but i was fasting. URGHH.

But psshtt. Whatever man. Pshhtt. Pfft. Pfffttt!!!

Ahahahaha!!~ After that was back to class for me to complete my saikang.
Have to do the shitwork coz of the UT3 grades. 30% was it?
Or so i've heard.. & during printing..
the printing lady didn't allow any printing format besides ppt & pdf.

We were definitely NOT gonna have to go back up to class to reformat shit.
So in the end we approached this random yr3 girl to borrow her lappy.
Arranged the shits in photoshop, had it exported to pdf.. & printed A3.
Whatever whatever.. headed to class & completed mounting the shits.

A tad unsatisfied with my work but then again.. i didn't really give a damn. 

So internally-frustrated for some reason.
Guessing Fiq had nothing to do so he visited my class. ^^
& then Ramizah & GS came up too. Hahaha! Helped to take some photos.

Headed to their class after & watched a ghost movie.
Naiseee~ ^^V Ahahaha! So many girls dead.
Haqim invited me to tag along with the rest of GS's class for break fast.
We had a reservation placed in  BREEKScafe. Not baaad~ 



Expensive but.. oh gawshh. I can't stomach the volume of food!
All i ordered was the pizza & lemme tell ya.. it was huge.

Worth the money for people with big appetites.
Plus the mushroom soup i barely touched.


Blue dolphin for my drink.. Nice! xD
GS sure can swallow fast for someone that skinny.
2 main courses all sucked in way before the rest even finish the 1st.
But seriously.. Breeks was definitely not disappointing.

Though i kena bully by Haqim & ?Haiqal & GS.
Nice hanging out with their class. So cute!
In the bus otw back we had this cute talk. Me, Haqim & his classmate.
His classmate giving him love tips for the girl he's crushing on.

Bear with me.. just a bit more till the end of today.
Met up with the AKYM kids at blk 130 for war. ;P
Hahaha. Okay no. Just some battles fought & won.
Tbh orang tak masuk campur. I'm just there coz Umar asked me to.


He said "Be sure to come down, stand as one.
Well yeahh.. i've sought to fulfil my promise.

Got bullied some more by Fad but hey~ What's new?
& then yeah. I'm home. Oh gawshh the days are getting longer.




SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:46 AM

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