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Nov 30, 2011:That's.. not the point.


Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *291111*.

Visual storytelling.
So I woke up late. Miracle how fast I got ready.

All I did in class was put colour into a comicstrip.
Well.. a page of some comic.

Today's lesson? How to make effective use of colours.

Everything has to have a meaning. Why that colour? Why the hue?

What significance does it hold? What will the audience interpret it as?
What emotions do we want to evoke from the-
*fire alarm.
Yes. The fire evacuation exercise. Oh that was todaaaayy?

Some annoying voice repeating shit over & over again.
Us chilling at the carpark.. then back to class.. & lessons ended early.
Met up with Kevin & went to Kafishaap!!~ Hahaha.
Kev was hungry. & so yeahh..

Funny vocal lessons just now with the Replugios. Nyehh3~
Reminiscing classics from the 90s to early 2000s.
As we go along.. I got more & more disappointed with this Gen.

Sup with the Music Industry these days? Lack of taste? Or lack of vocab?

Turned off.

Tongue twisters & rapping~ looking at 2011's replug audition videos~
Oh my goodness. Haha. Good times.. gooooood~ times..
& yes. I think the M'sia trip is pretty much an "ok go" for me. =D
I'm goin' on a holiday with the awesome kids er'body! 16th~

I hear hotel lodging.. water parks.. whatever else..
I just need some time away.. from everything.
Internet.. cell phones..
Well actually I'm kinda away. Been awhile since I topped up my 8442 card.

Don't think I'm gonna. & My mobile broadband card 9713 is for text only.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:04 AM

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