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Nov 9, 2011:

HIMYM frenzy.

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *o951111*.

Yesterday was a fairly awesome day; save a few glitches.
Me & some friends tried this Chocolate-flavored ciggy FarahTcharles offered.

Yeah. I'll always have time to snap a picture.
But this stick ain't as bad as I thought it would be. ^^.
Asked Farah if she could get me a fresh box but she doesn't
cross borders to Malaysia regularly.. which brings me to one other option.

Wonder If IrwanShah could get me a box. =/

Anyways~ a couple on Monday we had a late night drive to IKEA.
Me & ZanaBabyJr. running around in a furnishing wonderland.
That came after we visited a relative's house for HariRaya Haji.
& we came accross these heavenly-scented candles. 

I mean literally came accross.
Walked through the isle & gave our noses a whiff.
God.. if only technology could let you guys smell the fragrance..
It's a strong wildberry smell. Sexy yet classy yet awesome.

Anyway.. back to Tuesday babies.
Met up with Dansen to return his guitar.
Met his friend; bumped into Leena & here we have a group of clowns.
We stayed in the friggin' W1 elevator to play some rounds with the cajon.

& we did have awesome singers with us so it was practically a show.
People enjoyed it? Hahahaha! Damn that was fun.
& what's his name.. Nicholas? That dude.

He has the same birthdate as me! & lives at BukitBatok. I used to.

I dare you to tell me that's not awesome. =D
After school we had a couple of technical runs..
& some full runs for Replug Reflections 20'11
& I ciao-ed hm.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:39 PM

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