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Dec 8, 2011:CME UT2!

Our days of reign.

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy *o81211*.

Diabolical December. 
So I had a greaaat sleep. Being sandwiched by this huge fluffy pillow MakYo made.
Was supposed to be a blanket there but no complaints here in all honesty.

Another sweet day. Bit of ups & downs but these days have been good.
Love my cuz's shampoo! Silkpro. As I'm typing this, 2205hrs to be exact..

My hair still smells of the shampoo. Syiok. Seriously love this.

Walked to school & met Jorel, Dansen, Nick & Matthew at the usual spot.

See this is why I need Jorel's number. He comes in handy. Awesome dude.
A day of fun; laughter; hectic mundane & joy. Oxymoron? Nahh. Chronologically.
Headed to the library to chill & paint my nails with Dawn!
We had Jorel play Skyrim & Dansen on the piano.

Had Creative Media Enterprise UT.
Superbly last minute transfer of notes which was surprisingly really helpful btw..
No sarcasm. Straight up truth. I would have DIED if it wasn't for those.

Although there were some voids in the notes I couldn't fill. Coz I know SHIT.

Finished UT early but I was stuck in class coz I missed the last 15 by a minute.
A friggin' minute. I had a tummy ache. ='( & I couldn't leave coz of the rules.

Effing hate rules.

"No one is to leave this class for the 1st & last 15 minutes."

45 min paper worth of using common sense; putting 2 & 2 together..
listening to songs while doing the paper; & tolerating my tummy ache.
Back in the room (Yeah~ We got ourselves a room. ;D hahaha~) the guys were dead.
Like stoned. Dansen & Dawn were long gone. We had Nick, Jorel & CK.

Practiced a lil' piano & it wasn't long before we headed out to grab a bite at Artbites.
Nick was studying so we promised him a bag of hot & spicy chips.
Syiq joined us a while for ?lunch/dinner? before heading up to the EMP room. Spinning?
Me, Jorel & CK went to buy a couple of Fresh packs. Winston reds & Ukretek.

Jorel's VooDoo Doll! The only thing he has from his exs.

Smokey2 in the park. Yes. I smoked a lot. Miracle that my teeth is awesomely white.
Wasted cash on "Chicken Carbonara" coz Nick's gonna get gastric soon &..
we thought a bag of chips couldn't possibly be enough. Jorel chose it.

Knew he wouldn't eat that shit. I'm his twin. I'd know. But we got CK to line up & buy it on me.

I texted Nick to be sure. OMG he still wanted his chips. We sure wasted $$.
Made a lot of fuss & cut my conversation short with my sem2 classmates to run into 7eleven.

Seriously epic~ Too late man. Hahaha. So the chips were on CK.

Nick's classmates call him Nicky~ aww~ so cute~ HAHA.

FYI SEG (School of Engineering) kids highly lacks girls. I guess that explains..
Hahaha! Okay. So.. a couple of sticks down the road otw CWP(CausewayPoint)
A train ride & a creepy/funny/old video later.. I'm at home narrating my day.

Ohh dear God. My blog has become this recycle bin of memories.

I'm only typing because I know I'd want to remember in the future.
p.s. used to love white. Still do but I won't tell you that.
& gotta come back for Jorel's 3rd yr.
He's gonna shave a bald avatar haircut & run around RP naked.



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