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Dec 16, 2011:Replug Pop Night Internals 2011

Last internals of the year.

Dear diary,, Thur-dayy *151211*.

Diabolical December. 
Came to school for practice.
Disappeared for a while to see my favourite people.

My future rocker. \m/

Well actually the day started with a fresh pack & Syiq~
claiming girls have the ability to assume & assume correctly.

That.. is probably a problem for problematics like "girls".

Because it makes us overthink when what we should be doin..

is master the "nothing box"~ When we don't think of anything. At all.
Regardless how I acted.. my mood was down in the dumps.
We had the usual gang at the usual place..
Matthew's awesome hugs & Nicholas's inability to memorise lyrics properly.

Uncomfortable in doing the things I've been doing for so long.
Simply because at that point of time.. I really wanna be left alone.
Dansen rushed his last minute drawing UT submission. God I was scared for him.
Helped him out with cutting the borders and pasting double-sided tape on his edges..

The doggy ears are the ones that'll cost you your marks. -.-
I felt like his mother nagging at him & cleaning his class full of bloody straws.
Internals was good. A lot nervous for playing guitar for the 1st time.
Guessing we're performing for oncoming Pop Night. Cool. =/

FeeqTurtle & Wancai playing team on the cajon.

Cool shit. Like taking turns to hit the sides & the face.

Solos & breaks.

The others singing & screaming..
we had a couple of guitars out since it's internals.
I mastered half of my current favourite song Quite by Rachael Yamagata.
The resonance we got in the staircase while I was singing with Leena was awesome.

K.. still not done packing my bags.
Are we leaving tonight or tomorrow?
I think Fad's still in Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort for the camp instructors leadership training.
Wish I could've gone but internals clashed. Sad.. urghh.



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