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Feb 5, 2012:Just a little more till my semester 1 internship!


Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *o5o212*.

Fabricated February. 
Everytime I do my Graphic Design assignments, I start to float.
Hahahaha~ Where's that person I wanna punch?

Due tomorrow. 5 webpages. A5 sizes on 2 black mounting boards
My eyes are blurring up. It's gonna deteriorate soon.. my vision.
Right now all I wanna do is go in the middle of the forest by my house..
Hang lots of lamps and firefly lights; put on some music & dance~

Yes. GD does things to you.
Dance like a fool all around my room~
Run a couple of laps by the park~
Laugh & scream aloud at the jetty~

Rock some boats~
Sink some rocks~
Hug some cats~
& just lose myself all together!


Visual storytelling stopmotion drawings aren't done either. Due by tuesday.
& the theoritical version of UT3 for graphic design.. that dumb write-up.
& to study for the other UTs coz my grades are suffering..
& get my Portfolio website live. I can't think of a good design. Gahh!!

Shoot me naoooooo~
Persevere kid!
Just till semester 1 internship.
7th Marchh`!



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 9:07 PM

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