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Mar 4, 2012:Looking forward to this.. ^^

Midview City. =)

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *o2o312*.

Macchiato March. 
Oh God Wow.

The place I'm gonna be interning at might not be anything special but.. wow.It's exactly the kind of place I'd like to be. Away from the busy but still busy enough.
No Average Joe's Productions' The Afterdark facility is located at Midview City.
Kinda like the place me & Yaya went to for auditions only better in my opinion.

The place is white walled with framed up photographs of extreme sports & awesome things..
Just a handful of people, huge windows, and all the equipment on the huge shelf by the door.
My boss is Joe Peter. He's formerly from Ngee Ann Poly & has BA(Hon) on Filming etc etc.
I've seen his & Mark Teo's works & they're amazing. There's no doubt whatsoever in me on their skills.

Joe Peter.. when I did a background study on him.. looks very happy-go-lucky.
But meeting him in person.. he's very serious in his work. Impressive guy.
He had this serious >=| look on his face but it turned into a wide =) when he asked about my guitar.
& I'll be starting in about 2 weeks.. I'll actually be doing work. Maybe stills.. possibly motion.

Dude.. I honestly don't mind either coz they're awesome in their own way & I love them equally.
I'm just gonna take in as much as I can & learn everything there could be to learn.
He said there's going to be a lot of upcoming projects coming up so I hope everything'll go smooth.
& Qamariah kinda reminds me of Liyana Ibrahim. Small, young, spectacled, 27! =O

You know what's even more awesome? Fact that I saw a rainbow in the canal before heading there.
& that daddy sent me there through the best route  I feel possible. By Mandai Lake.
& that I was late by 1 minute but it didn't matter coz Joe needed to run by the bank 1st.
& I got to explore a lil' of the place & near the Afterdark Facility is this painting shop! 

When life let's me walk around in my own pace taking my time to look around..
I get very very very very happy. It's a Bob Marley kind of high.
Squinting my eyes to see the colors flowers'll be built on when on canvas..
Or the songs that can adorn the place beautifully. My world, runs in slow motion.

Too sentimental? Hahaha~ that's exactly why this only happens when I'm alone..
Or in my own world. Remember LaLaLand? It's completely mine & "unshare-able".
Although.. there are times when the things in my mind are amazing & I only wish I could show you.
Oh well.

Met up with Dian after that~ at Bishan. Finally restrung my guitar!
But I really need a proper acoustic. =( Soon~ soon~
Had lunch at LJS & fooled around at the CC waiting for Syuueee~
Headed to town for Dinner & Fried Mars Ballzzzz~ Ohh yum! Cold & Hot & Sweeeeet~

Great for a rainy day truly.
Poor Syue had to go through shit at her internship place. Under financial.
The people around her literally bullied her knowing she can't say nuts because she's an intern.
I feel like if I was there, all hell will break loose & somebody's gonna get hurt. 

Lucky for her she got to transfer with the help of this guy named Ikram.
2 months of enduring that kinda shit? Man.. =_=!!
Anyway~ Dian's gonna take up Early Childhood. Syue might want to in the future.
They love children~ I think I can see them doing that for a long time to come. =)

& what about mine? Well that.. we'll see when it happens.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 9:50 PM

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