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Aug 24, 2010:i'm gettin' there..

♥LaLa Land™ 
who i really am.

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy *23o81o* .

figuring myself out.
doing a lot of thinking lately..

i swear i'm still unsure who that is..
but i'm gettin' there..
i mean the main substances that make up my life don't change right?
i just feel like eversince polyLife i've changed quite a bit.
as in drastically on my views of life.
it's not the philosophical angle.. it's just the teenage angle.
you know?

like figuring you out..
that lead me into the direction of figuring myself out.
i mean i'm a teenager.
with moodswings & memories & people i've met.

i've done crazy wild things i'm not proud of but they were fun.
& i've seen places i'll never be able to forget.
places people rarely maybe almost never see.
met faces lost paces..
been around.. got around..

& i'm completely okay with everything i've been through..
it makes a part of me.

i'm the girl who
s it when my hair still smells like shampoo at the end of the day.
the girl who might not care at all what people say.
but what people say might end up being the world to her.
unsure if she's a girly gurl or a tomboy

because in my life.. i'm so stuck with both extremes
that it surprises me how unbalanced i still am.
i have a lot of things that makes me.
but a lot of things that takes me.
& if i'm complicated..

then what does that make you..?
talking to you i really wonder..
what is it you have in your mind?
just like the infinite things i have in mine.
in a way we're too much alike.
& i think this means trouble.

p.s. to the guys..
THANKS. thank you. SO MUCH.
for raping my laptop.

Danial your drawing ytd was totally awesome. *rolls eyes*
thank you for polluting my sketchbook.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 6:24 PM

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