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Aug 18, 2010:it got chilly in the middle..

♥LaLa Land™ 

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy *18o81o* .


spent my evening blow drying my neck, my forehead & my 2 hands..
flu oh flu oh darn you make me blue.

broke-fast at Lot1.
bought marshmellows and candy!~
bumped into Nana bLs babyJunior~
| bumped into both our exs. The twins. haha~ |
yeah well.. i wish the holidays wasn't on a fasting month. 
i would LOVE to fix myself a cuppa hot cocoa
and dip marshmellows and sugar biscuits for a snack..
FAB for this kind of weather..

o344hrs: yeah i'm still very much awake.
've been watching 9o21o.
& imma head off soon though my eyes are like O.o still.
but i just wanted to say.. since hours ago..
i feel like i'm being tested.
like i'm undergoing a major whatever school entrance exam.
& my head hurts like jaloobie[not a word]
& it's worst than that non-alcoholic hangover i got from my 'O's.

i should know.. i slacked on my 'O's.

& if the world or any of the people in it
feels guilty right now..
thought you'd want to know..
i never liked tests.
never did have a favor for them blank pieces of white nightmares.
so DON'T. okay?

and people.
don't assume it's for you either.
because i'm random & unexpected.
so it's about time you expected this.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:42 PM

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