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Aug 21, 2010:Lights&cameras.. Nights&fireworks..

♥LaLa Land™ 
happy birthday panda..
glad i could see you..it's been awhile..
you look cute when you smile.
keep smiling.
DoubleChoc soon. =)
Dear diary,, Sat-dayy *2o-21o81o* .


i didn't blog ytd.. =/
hmm.. got home at 1am.
the photoshoot at ClarkeQuay went well. x3
didn't really like the hairstyle they gave me.
too "proper" & neat.
so i "modified" it.

pulled out some strands here&there
& made it messy. xP
after photoshoot decided to stop by baybeats.

otw to the Esplanade crossing the overhead bridge..
the fireworks decorated my night.
knowing we were watching the same one made me happy..
we were never that far away from each other..
baybeats was cool.
Loved the music..
bumped into a couple of people.
sad Nana went to cityhall. =(
had a very nice night though..
saw panda. x3

yay~ pizzas & ChocoLattes for break-fast.
was invited to NoiseSg but i didn't go.
Not even baybeats today.
wanted to head down for guitarsession but that was cancelled.
no fun without music
& my earpiece was cancelled.
not that i expected to get it today.. =_=zzz

& these days i've been having this thought in my mind..
"i don't care.. i really don't care"
replaying over & over & over again.
it's annoying that it won't stop
& i know it's clearly all just lies..



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 6:39 PM

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