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Sep 21, 2010:Dizzy.

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*21o91o* .


Location: KidzAmaze
SAFRA, Jurong.

i loved today's atmosphere.
like i woke up pure without a trouble in the world.
funny what kids can do without knowing..
making people smile..

also.. i love the combination of today's fragrance.
Cakes.. Fruit tarts.. sweets.. colourful plastic & sponge balls..
HUGE annoying giddy make-me-want-to-buek giant slides..

today i felt more like a kid again..
i didn't know that the teachers have to go in the machine too..
you know.. those kid mazes where
you can climb up & down & is covered with balls
& giant slides & sponge ball canons & bla3.

wish i could show the pictures but
it's in one of the other teacher's DigiCam. =(

the playland was HUGE & a couple stories high..
so there was this kid named Grazer who was afraid of heights..
when i carried her down she wouldn't let go of my neck.
haha.. but she stopped crying & had fun in the end.

Fatin over here LOVED the giant slides.

GOD knows how many times i keep seeing her go up & down. 

hahaha! she's adorably cute.. like a real sister.

Hakim over here reminds me of Upin&Ipin.
in the morning he was crying when he had to bid gdbye to his mum.

but once he reached the playland he had a blast.
mischievious child this kid.

can't take a proper picture. haha!
suara yang manja.. haha. cute laugh too!

see what i mean?

pictures with him is impossible.

Danial over here..
his smiles are hard to come by.

but he's a sweet child & loves to play. =)

it'll take time but he'll probably change when he gets older..

Shah over here..
Loves to play at the plastic ball pool section beside the slide.

he keeps jumping in with his legs in the air
& kicking the balls aways
saying many many many many many many balls!~

kelly here is also quite the introvert.
probably like the others..

because she hasn't known me long.
but she can definitely smile. =)

this one just doesn't want to take pictures.
haha! Zafri was it? =/

eitherway.. i had Loads of fun today..
if i could get my hands on the DiGiCam pictures of
the huge MazeMachine i'll upload. =)
didn't get sleep the previous day so i flopped into
bed again.. hahaha~



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 10:26 PM

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