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Sep 12, 2010:MeetTheMac!♥

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Sun-dayy *12o91o* .


didn't update ytd huh..
worked at velocity. 12-8pm..
super fun! time went just like that~
cool how it wasn't as tiring as i thought.. =/
standing for 8hrs straight talking & promoting & what not..

met Bernadine & Alvin.
crazy bunch of people. xD

Today was.. =))))))))
i dunno why i can't stop smiling..

Bernadine working with me again! xD
& i met QiXiang. CrazyDude..
Gawshh you guys.. =)))
slacking ehk? haha!

who is he?
what's his name?
why was he staring all through out the 8 hrs we were working together..
why the heck does he look so familiar?
i hope we still get posted there next weekend.they keep shuffling us around! =(
& i want to know..
& i want to see..
Kyaa!!~ the kids were so!!~

there was this kid playin' his mum's Fb acc games..
asked him how hold he was..
7 goin' 8..

he told me he was playing the game..
something like worms 3D but using animals..
& he needed some points to get the last animal.
The chameleon. O.o

his young dad was cute!
 dad: "how old are you?"
kid: "ühh.. eight.."
dad: "then why do you have a body of a four year old?"
kid:"really? i dahkno.. =/"
dad: "want to tell kakak how much you buy your skateboard?"
*kid smiles*
dad: "more than your Hari Raya money.."

a customer wrote a comment:
"well treated. should give them a RAISE!!"
yeah.. i WISH. haha!
also when we were heading to the MRT some people we talked to called out to us..
they were doing their own promotions too..

they asked.. you know why we called you?
because the back of your tee says "talk to me". haha!
& i said.. ï don't get it.
because their tee said "doesn't get it".
Bern was W O L S. =_=

=_=|| ahahaha!~ highly expected. fun dudes..
had loads of laugh with them.. a lot of high5s..
they asked us if we wanted to join them work. haha~

♥ vehementdesire..
why when i barely..?

p.s. happy birthday mama.. i'm sorry i forgot..
i'm sorry we fought ytd..
i'm sorry for a lot of things..
i'm sorry for being me..
i'm just genuinely, sincerely, sorry..


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