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Sep 1, 2010:Sin-filled nut.

♥LaLa Land™ 

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy *o1o91o* .


aha!~ i'm dead. UT3 is gonna scuk.
can't find the iNsPiRaTiOn to study.

i'm kind of stuck in my own lies right now.
LiLWhiteLies can turn into monsters..
now i'm just confused & sad.
say bye bye kitty~
please don't flunk Vee..
or you'll spend your life singing..

kayy i think it'll be best if i die now. wee~

i know some people are all for it.
even though i do my best to follow the terms & conditions..
they never give me my product.
heck the service is not even good.

ok i'm almost very sure people won't understand my
DaVinci codes.
(Y) good.
breaking fast at Clementi~

AHAH! okay back.
yummy! omnyomienyomie!~
okay sorry.

i think it's either the sugar rush or the checkered pants..
but you know the umbrella bags they leave in malls?
i blew it up before getting into the mrt.
mum left me to go home alone.. sadded.
so my highness was not restrained. xD
walked to the open bike parking area at CckInterchange,
 popped it & walked away.


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