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Sep 3, 2010:To the 2nd star to the right.

♥Never Land™
sail me away to the heavens..
i'll be the subject to captain’s mast.

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy *o3o91o* .


i started again..
pieces of shards shattered & on the ground.
the minty feeling on my wrist.
been awhile.. everyday, a battle against myself.
what do i need?
what don't i want?
who do i need?

i'm sick & tired of doing everything wrong.
how do i wash my hands clean?
how do i escape without running away?
answers impossible to attain.

while you were gone..
these are the things that happened to me.
you were never really there.
no one was ever there.

Dear God,, embrace me & take my soul away.
not when i'm empty but when faith is at bay.
i pray on prayers heard..
my heart to resist beating & my questions to be answered.

these words of which knows nothing of what others speak of.
it is not tied to any sort of relationship.
that but of which is most important.
blood ribbons.


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