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Oct 6, 2010:Looks like a strawberry, tastes like a pineapple. One that's definitely something different.

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Tue-dayy*o51o1o* .


had DoubleChoc at WestCoast McD just now
right before night studies..
sesungguhnya kita telah menghampiri akhir zaman..
fasa ke empat..

kuatkanlah keimanan kami..
walau apapun yang terjadi..
ke jalan yang lurus kami harus junjungi..

people.. don't spurt your mouth out.
jangan mencaci.. jangan menghina.

before you make fun of or look down on people..
tell me what's the value of
can't answer?
God's telling you not to be such a SmartArse.

there will always be.. human limitations.
it's not possible to know EVERYTHING there is.
so don't judge. we have no right.

but don't let the wrong things be either..
because that's the same as doing it yourself.
think before taking actions.

p.s. reflecting on that conv. i had with a friend.
bgr.. you have your family, your friends..
& then there's b/g relationship.

it's not a must but ever asked why & how
people could replace a broken relationship so easily?
as if there was never anything to the previous one..
that they can just easily walk away.

kids these days..
their mindsets are just settling for something "good enough".
like what that friend said.
"i have my family.. have my friends.. i need bgr."
"ahh.. you'll do.[for now]"

how many teens these days actually believe
that their relationship would last till marriage.
"there's no way.. i'm still too young."
gee.. ya think? then why the relationship.

a reason why i rejected offers.

but have you ever met someone that..
you keep thinking about..
in the most unexpected situations?

wanna fly away on a plane with you someday..
if i asked you.. would you dance the whole night away?
just you & me.
what about ice skating?
or i rollerblade you skate & we'll witness dawn by the coast.
or always come with me to functions/invitations by friends.

no. nothing romantic.
no candlelights, no highclass dinners, no stupid spends.
just a whole bunch of fun, wild nights.

don't be the boyfriend. be the guy that'll be there when it counts.
hah. you'll never be.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 4:07 AM

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