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Nov 4, 2010:Love Vs Logic.

♥LaLa Land™
happy2 birthday kak In!!~
May you always be blessed with loving people around you..
and keep in mind..
Craziness is equivalent to Happiness!!~ xD

Dear diary,, Wed-dayy*o41o1o* .

been awhile eyhh?

haishh.. i sense a future B/C.
faci caught me Fb-ing & i rarely do in her class.
damnit. of all times yeah..?

well.. today was creative concepts.
always a pleasure workin' with my team in this module.
fun bunch of peepz..
though the RJ was screwed.

also.. watched "Clouds, a work in progress" after sch at 7pm.
cool shit. not so bad..
although some gestures and dialogues were stiff.
but it was great.. x3

Another smart club slash mass mind fcuk sess at deck. xD
a lil' tour around wdlnds after that..
then deck again to talk about philosophies~
other than that.. reached home at about half past midnight?

irony of PINK for me today.
coincidental contrast..
well.. well..



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 12:56 AM

♫|Nostalgia| |Melancholy|♪