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Nov 6, 2010:My 5 senses.. which is stronger.. from what i thought was my sight became my hearing..

♥LaLa Land™

Dear diary,, Fri-dayy*o61o1o* .


Temptations to hug people close to me..
must restrain myself.
ESPECIALLY when it's cold..
but goshh hugs feel so..

anyway.. what went down ytd?
Entrepreneurship+cramps = stoning and heck of a lotta pain.
yeah well..
i'm supposed to submit my Rj by 2359hrs today..

-this is vee from the future. o6111o, 1o44hrs.-
my fcuking laptop just decided to "get well".
i missed the deadline by 10 hrs and 44 mins.
fuck you. fuck you.

well whatev. so on thursday we attended the JA concert
after the preview with Zaini of course..
Zaini was happy that day.. =/
& i've got last min tix from Nisa but ended up swapping places.

basket sia gerard.
felt like i was in those simulators..
was literally being shooked out off my seat and everything.
!@#$% haha!

the scales and home sweet home chorus thing we did?
a load a crap but exactly what makes Replug fun.
Deck was.. interesting. haha!
learnt a lot just by stoning and listening in from time to time..

Just now..
met up with Liyana & Kak In to support Zee on
Teenage Icon '1o..
after which we went alotta other places..

Ate at makan sutra which got us randomly interviewed.
the interviewer got us wrong when we said
we came from a singing competition.
"is it A capella?" "congratulations!!" O.o||

and Esplanade bay's La Salle preview..
+cute lil spunky dude on the big drums over here.. xP+
also.. this AWESOME FABTASTIC percussion grp called
Tambuco from Mexico
just gave us the thrills!

other than that..
i just wanna say..
i'm hungry right now.

when i fall in love..
the sketches in my mind is vividly painted beautiful.



SyidahAinVeeJr.; 11:27 AM

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