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Nov 7, 2010:things you wish you could do for someone..

♥LaLa Land™
things you wish you could do for someone..
take away all their pain..
but all you could do is watch..
and wish with all your heart to take their place..
or at least make it all disappear.

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy*o61o1o* .


my cuz is in KKH's ICU.
tonsils givin' attitude.
he felt so pissed & uncomfortable with all the tubes..
he plugged em' out when no one's lookin'.

a strong boy he is..
after 3 visits to the hospital they didn't know coz he didn't have a fever.
now they gotta keep him asleep to
stop him from pulling out the tubes..

he can do this..
he'll pull through.
he's a very strong boy.
& he's getting better already..

Let's pray he will..
someone as young as him never deserved this.

ironic how the rain showered the earth..at that moment
and i could see a scene played out so clearly..
what is it i'll never tell..

unless your opinions matter.
and you were a part of it..
might be a part of it.




SyidahAinVeeJr.; 1:57 AM

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