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Aug 17, 2010:Disappear.

♥LaLa Land™ 

Dear diary,, Tues-dayy *17o81o* .


been awhile since i went for After8.
been awhile since i smiled after a crisis.
i missed you guys..
i seriously did..
thank you..
for the laughs.

Let's drown you.
imma drown you.
im drowning you.
im drowning you.
im drowning you.
im drowning you.
im drowning you.
You've gone too far.
i SWEAR you've gone too far.
i know i did a lot of things which i'm not proud of but.
i KNOW i'm not responsible for what happened to you.
you've went over the edge & off the cliff hanger.
now you can never come back.
and thanks to you i can't go home.
i'd have to stay at our neighbours' for a while..
i was wrong to hope that one day you'll change.
you choke me, you hit me, you do all that stupid shits.
how could you talk to her that way?!
she's your MOTHER you bastard!
& you blame it ALL on me.
i hope you just disappear.

my happiness was short-lived.
no. i won't let you do this to me.
i'll pick myself up again.


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