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Aug 7, 2010:Updated. Weekends.

♥LaLa Land™
i'd rather remain oblivious.

Dear diary,, Sat-dayy *o7o81o* .


hi panda..
i won't "hate blog" boutchu.
when did i ever?

God's telling me im on9 too much.
get a life.
well actually i've been on the lappie less these days..
but of all times my lappie had to pms.
whatever eyhh..?

going YamahaAsianBeats at TampinesMall later on..
with someone i haven't seen for a while..
ever since that day he bought me currypuffs
and we went home together.
haha! yes. currypuffs. whoopee.

to you know who you are..:
might buy you a gift..
but of course im cancelling out your
"i'll be your slave for a month thing"

to "you":
i'm SO sorry i swear..
i did say sorry that day.. well mumbled.
thought you heard.
nvm.. sorry. =/

how much lower can i go..?

i've hit oblivian.. ♥


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SyidahAinVeeJr.; 9:27 AM

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